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Angel City Audio & Melody Valve Hifi, CAS 2014 – Room 325

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This year we will be showing our LCR monitor, the Trinity, as well as a Melody Pure Black 101 preamplifier and MN845 mono amplifiers. In addition to those products which are available for purchase, we will be showing a preproduction sample of the forthcoming ACA Balanced Power Supply. Please contact Hugh at Angel City Audio with any questions. (

Angel City Audio Trinity: Tweeter: VIFA XT25 Concentric Ring Radiator Woofers: Custom 7’’ Crossover Type: Hand Built, Point-to-Point Crossover Point: 2.2kHz Frequency Response: 40Hz-37kHz Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms Efficiency: 90db Dimensions: Trinity-C – ( WxHxD) 9’’x24’’x12’’ Trinity-LR – (WxHxD) 9’’x24’’x16’’ Net Weight: Trinity-C – 44lbs Trinity-LR – 50lbs each

Angel City Audio Trinity

Melody Pure Black 101 Preamplifier: Vacuum Tubes: 101Dx2, 6SN7x4, 5AR4x1 Output Level: 3V (Max 28V) Frequency Response: 3Hz – 100kHz Input Impedance: 250K Ohms Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB THD: 0.02% Channel Balance: <0.5dB (20Hz – 100kHz) Total Gain: 20dB Dimensions: 17.3’’ x 7.3’’ x 15’’ (WxHxD) Net Weight 51lbs each

Melody Pure Black 101 Preamplifier

Melody MN845 Power Amplifiers: Vacuum Tubes: 845×4, 2A3x1, WE403Ax1 Power Output:: 150w Class A Frequency Response: 20Hz – 30KHz Speaker Taps: 4Ω, 8Ω Line Input Sensitivity: 1.2V Signal to Noise Ratio: > 88dB THD at Rated Power: 1% Dimensions: 17.0’’ x 10.0’’ x 27.5’’ (WxHxD) Net Weight: 154lbs each

Melody MN845 Power Amplifiers

About Angel City Audio

Angel City Audio is owned and operated by Hugh Nguyen, a longtime audiophile and founder of HTN Enterprises. What began as a chance conversation at CES 2009 became a distributorship for Onix of England in North America. By the end of the year, Hugh also became the U.S. distributor for Melody Valve Hifi. In Early 2010 we began laying the groundwork for our own ACA branded products – an effort which has produced the ACA Trinity LCR speakers, a line of balanced power conditioners, and a bunch of new and exciting products in the pipeline. We are a different kind of audio company, eschewing direct sales as well as large scale brick & mortar presence in favor of a small network of dealers across the country who function as a team. This allows ACA to focus on product without managing a large company and all the associated distractions, while still maintaining a close link to the dealers and a short path to the customer. Our dealers are an extension of us and partners in this endeavor – not just retailers. We hope to bridge the gap between the traditional audio purchase experience and the internet direct sales model by offering personalized service and an equally strong focus on both the online community and traditional high end buyers. Most importantly, our focus is you! Our number one goal is a happy customer. We promise to do whatever is necessary to ensure that you are one of them. We promise to always be available, always hear your concerns, and always go the extra mile for our customers.


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