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Arche Audio introducing Opus 6 moving-coil step-up transformer

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The Opus 6 is a high performance step-up transformer for moving-coil cartridges from South Korea.

The Opus 6 has been  developed  over five years of extensive research and many experimental prototypes, to provide the best possible passive amplification for delicate phono signals.  Providing  passive amplification  (step-up), the Opus 6 is  free from the electrical distortion and electronic noise  of  active  circuits.    Employing our exclusive transformer design and winding technologies, the Opus 6 renders the most musically complete retrieval of analogue music, magically presenting the most enchanting tonality and perfectly preserving the finest musical nuances.

All  transformers  are carefully  hand-wound  by our most skilled  transformer  artisan,  while  the massive monolithic case is precision-milled from the solid block of billet aluminum.  The input and output sockets are also custom-manufactured by our own proprietary design, utilizing only the best materials such as the high purity phosphor bronze, Teflon insulation and the 20-micron super-thick pure gold plating.

The Opus 6 comes in two standard models: the L model for the cartridges  with 3 or lower impedances  and the MH model for the cartridges with 15 or higher impedances.  Also, custom-made Opus 6s are  available  to  suit  the very special musical taste of demanding audiophiles and analogue lovers.

Opus6-2 Opus6-3


Gain: 29dB for the L model and 26dB for the MH model

Input and output: two pairs of RCA sockets for left and right channels plus one ground tab

Dimension: W180mm x D120mm x H110mm

Weight: 2.3Kg NET

Price: $1,800


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