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Art! The Perspective in the Creative Process: Part X

A Cellist & Music Lover

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Hello again.

Another take and direction of involvement we have here. This being one that applies to one of the many out there in the arts, not solely in the capacity as a full-time career, but individuals whom nonetheless are endowed with various backgrounds in procedure, context of development, formal education & training, etc. and the myriad of experience thereof. Those who sometimes for years forward continue to keep themselves established within their medium; even though it is not an active schedule or role of participation that plays a part in their means of making their living.

Yet, while initially exploring the possible frontiers of musical involvement earlier on as this individual has, we should remember as I’ve mentioned previously; that one can sometimes be a step ahead of things and suffice to find, that even pioneers within a medium do not always get the accolades, or the perfect connections and whathaveyou to run constantly forward with the ball. Those opportunities that can allow one to hone and develop into a ‘uniqueness’ that is so much a part of being the first one on the dace floor, can sometimes remain elusive with one’s pursuit.

This venture gives us a glimpse of an individual who started in one direction, and in turns; ended-up going in other directions, but finding themselves continuously in return to the instrument that they referrer to as “the killer’est axe of all time; the sound, the shape; this medieval / renaissance invention that could be out of science fiction”… Indeed! And to add that the initial draw to the instrument itself was simply but uniquely come by, in that while they had been comfortably playing the violin with some success for a time; when… “I sat down with one of those things one day — and that, as they say, was that.”

“Music saved my life more than once” they added, and with all the various and sundry things that go on in one’s life when an approach in pursuit of something ends up as involvement and a career in something else as it did with this individual, one of the affects that is allowed is a perspective from a different angle on things. Something you can only get to at times by actually dabbling in different areas or fields of desired involvement. I.e. the view from two or more different places of one ‘thing’. In this instance, our cellist has ended up with a view from the corporate machine of these modern times as a means of making a living, while keeping their hands in the pie (or on the cello) from time to time (however long those intervals may be), to soothe the savage breast and keep the magic of music alive in their life.

With fifteen years of classical music study under their belt and the myriad of knowledge and skill acquired that accompanies this individual’s past and present involvement with a diverse mix of life & music settings, they have now accumulated more than forty years’ experience playing cello. A major hunk of time indeed to have in any field or endeavor. With a diverse mix of surroundings, and musical atmosphere exposure, this cellist is one of the fortunate few who can state that, “I’ve played in every size of classical ensemble, from solo, duet, trio and quartet, to a Mahler-sized symphony orchestra. I had a swell run playing in all kinds of bands — rock, folk, pop, performance art, and studio work … What a gas!” Indeed, because while speaking in terms of context, not all musical instruments (or musicians), get around equally in the music world of things. Often times a musician’s chosen axe can limit or damper some of the possible ground the individual might want to venture.

And now with this life’s present take on a position in the corporate world, as well as being a parent adding to the perspective of where and in what capacity playing the cello lies; the response is that the music will play on. “I’m excited that there are so many opportunities now, that only existed as dreams when I was starting out!” We can now enhance upon that well used phrase ‘older and wiser – now going with enlightened gusto’. As is often with experience and in retrospect, it’s then that many things fall into play. Not so much as something once postponed, then once again started anew, but the realization that one’s life repertoire is intact with said experience and the ingredients for use as the fulfilling of dreams remains constant, and continues into view.

There are a great many participants in the music world out there. And one of the various things it seems to me that most have in common with one another considering the many differences is that their participation & involvement, is what presents music to others in the world. And whether or not music is somehow a part of your life, it is still a part of the world go ‘round. And, it’s sometimes, even sublime…

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