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Art! The Perspective in the Creative Process: Part XI

The Aspiring Dancer

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From another in the series of Art! The Perspective in the Creative Process, we have a response in the form of a personal interview with an artist in the world of Dance. This piece will present us to an individual currently embarking upon the major pursuit of fulfilling an ambition for himself with the determination and hard work required in the procedure of a professional career in the field of Dance. On the threshold, or behind the scene in the wings of the stage area, moving forward with the desire to live within the sphere of a life in expression through and with this particular art form.

While dancing for almost ten years now, when asked what was the initial draw to dance, this individual said, “to be honest, there is no inspirational or artistic answer to this”. After doing gymnastics as a kid with all of its involvement in time and training, he opted later to try dance. And, while bearing the aches & pains of the feet in Pointe that often accommodate the procedure in study and training in Ballet; or the resulting tenderness or calluses’ that do occur from the footfalls (pun intended) of countless hours working in Tap, Jazz Funk, Lyrical, Partnering, Hip Hop, Modern, and the various other forms, there are rewards as well at this stage of study. As for the specific goals and career directions at present, this is a tough question at the time this aspiring dancer says “because I’m trying to figure that out at the moment. I would also like to do company and stage work, any commercials I can get, and maybe eventually a career being a choreographer. I don’t know…”

On it seems the study goes, no matter what the particular direction within the discipline one chooses to endeavor. It is also directly tied in with a myriad of other supporting elements that accompany most forms of dance. Music, costume, staging, choreography and more, play an integral part of the time and dedication required to delve wholly into the realm. To follow whatever the longing or quest is within one’s heart, and then actually choose to live the life of a professional dancer does indeed require considerable dedication. ‘Tis not mere folly; the undertaking of steps in the direction of a dance career. And what indeed might some of the things be that drive the enthusiasm and perspective in this artist to achieve whatever it is, in & through the medium of dance? Their response is simply that, “I feel like dance resembles many things that are of God – the wind, love, nature, grace, etc. So ultimately, my art is a reflection of the spirit of God which is also in me.”


More than just a series of movements choreographed to match the timing, pace; the rhythm, and systematic arrangements of a piece of music (which is an accurate dictionary-type of description). Each individual has, of course we know, a different take or approach with accomplishing things. And like the world constantly ‘a turning, so do the different perspectives go

Like grasping the eloquent reins of a chariot that will propel one into the arenas of spontaneity & performance; pulling taut the laces of shoes that harness the Mercurial sprit and soul through the feet of the dancer, who could have spent countless hours as a child studying ballet or modern dance. And one possibly without the merest speculation of continued years of study to accommodate a life in the dance world. Or what indeed, turned out to be the unknown seed planted for a chosen leap into a magnificent dream inspiring one.

A bit poetic on my part there mind you, but I do have my own romantic take on what it might be like perspective wise in the mind of a dancer…As it has been for many years, in those times when my creative movement and being are thwarted and skewed awry and thrown willy-nilly into the abyss of dumfound, to see a dance performance of some kind always serves to soothe my twisted soul…

Hooray for dance!!!

Another take.

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