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ATC and Prism at 2016 CES

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The award winning ATC SCM40A active loudspeakers will be driven by the new Prism Sound “Callia” DAC  showing for the first time at CES 2016.
ATC’s Brad Lunde will be in the Venetian Suite 29-223 Wed-Friday from 11:00a.m -3:00p.m.
ATC SCM40A Active – New ATC designed and built dual suspension 25mm soft dome HF unit with precision alloy wave guide.
•    ATC Soft Dome mid-range driver.
•    ATC 164mm short coil bass driver.
•    All drive units incorporate massive optimised motor assemblies.
•    On-board grounded source 242 watt Class A/B Tri-amplifier.
•    Active filters and overload protection.
“these ATCs… take all in their stride, revealing a lovely cohesion throughout the frequency range. Resolution, timing and dynamics are all spot-on… factor in the built-in amplification, exotically engineered in-house drive units and the resultant exceptional sound quality, and the SCM40As emerge as something of a high-end bargain. Consider us smitten.”  What Hi-Fi, March 2015

Prism Sound is a long established manufacturer of premium audio interfaces for professional applications and lists many of the world’s top facilities among its clients.

The Prism Sound Callia DAC is a USB UAC2 compliant digital audio preamplifier (soundcard) device supporting sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 384kHz plus DSD64 and DSD128. It also supports S/P-DIF devices, such as a disc transport, on optical and co-axial interfaces.

“Prism Sound’s rich European pedigree, high build quality and excellent sounding converters make it tough to find a better all-in-one Package. The converters are just too good to ignore.” John Gatski, Everything Audio Network
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