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Audience Au24 SE Interconnect, Phono, Speaker Cables Review

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For the review of the new Au24 SE cables, John sent me a phono cable that I used from the AMG turntable with the SoundSmith strain gauge cartridge, to the SoundSmith SG-220 strain gauge preamp. From there I used a meter pair of RCA interconnects to my Wavac EC 300B amp. Finally, a two meter run of AU24 SE speaker cables connected the EC 300B to my Teresonic Ingenium XR Silvers or to the Linn Athenaeum speakers. All the power cords were Audience AU24s and the power conditioner was either the Audience adeptResponse aR6-TSS or the HB Cables PowerSlave Marble.

Audience says the new Au24 SE cables have been upgraded from previous models with ultra-low-mass, high-purity copper connectors that enable the passage of more low-level information in phono, line-level, speaker and power cord applications. John McDonald said. “The Au24 SE cables are the most significant advancement in cables Audience has ever made, and we don’t say that lightly. They improve upon the resolution of our already outstanding Au24e to offer an even more compelling and involving musical experience.” The new ultra-low-mass RCAs are made with improved tellurium copper metallurgy. (Owners of Au24 and Au24e cables can upgrade to SE status for $220 per pair.) All of the SE upgrade prices are listed at

I found the resulting change to be rather significant and easily heard. In my review of the original Au24s in 2007 I wrote:

If you are used to cables that sound clearer than life (this somehow happens with cables or other equipment that does not let you hear the harmonics of music), the Audience cables may take some getting used to. On the other hand, if you are used to the Audio Note or the Shindo cables, you will be accustomed to a cable that lets you hear more information including the air and space around the instruments and performers. I think it is not hearing these two things that can make some cables sound so clear and fast. If you are not used to this at first, you may think something is missing with the au24’s and then come to realize that you are actually hearing more information with the Audience cables.

While I would never say the new SEs sound clearer than life, they do sound much clearer and more transparent than the originals. I think this is the most obvious difference I hear in the new cable. Another big difference is how quiet my system sounds as it plays an LP with these new cables. They also have exceptional tonal clarity, increased inner detail, and increased dynamics, and an almost vivid sense of presence on vocals and solo instruments. In my system vocals, saxophones, trumpets, and the like have that ultimate sense of being right there in the room with you.

The treble is well extended, maybe a little more airy than the original Au24s, but never bright, but beautifully silky and pretty. The bass of my system was a little different with the new SEs; it was tighter and quicker than the originals. For most systems I think this is a plus. The midrange is quick with great micro-dynamics.

All of this results in a cable that lets you hear everything in the recording without smearing the sound or adding additional warmth. The good news though is that they do all of this without losing the wonderful relaxed sound that was such a key to the great sound of the original Au24s.

Audience Au24 SE Speaker Cable


At $4075 for all three sets of cables that’s less than one set of my High Fidelity Cables’ CT-1 Ultimate interconnects. In fact the same three sets of cables that I removed from my system cost over $18,000. So, there should be no contest and in some ways there isn’t but in overall musical enjoyment it is hard to fault the Au24 SE cables.

What you get with the SEs is a sound that is highly musical, nicely detailed, full of beautiful tonal colors and just nice to listen to. By comparison they are not as open as the Ultimates; nor are they as transparent, and they are not as organic sounding. Still, it is amazing for a set of cables that cost $14,000 less they sound incredibly musical.

So, it sounds like I’m saying they fall short of the $18,000 cable system in every way, but what I’m also saying is that they provide such a musically enjoyable experience that these differences may not matter to many people. To those who it does matter there is still the question of cost. The Ultimates are only worth their money if your system is completely where you want it and you can afford them. The Audience Au24SEs opens ups this wonderful kind of musical experience to a whole lot more people.


These cables do seem to span an important gap between the sound of higher tech cables like those from Audioquest, Nordost, or Tara Labs and more organic sounding cables from the like of Audio Note, Auditorium 23, or Shindo. The High Fidelity Cables do this also and better, but at a much higher price.

As I conclude this review I decided that since I had all Audience Au24 SE Cables and Audience Au24 power cords, I would substitute the Audience adeptResponse aR6-TSS Power Conditioner for the HB Cable Designs Marble. I have to admit as I sit here and listen to LP after LP I am rather shocked at the synergy this grouping has. Yes, there are specific areas where the more expensive cables and conditioner sound better, but overall this is one musical sound is simply wonderful, especially considering the price.

A hardy well done to John and the people at Audience I have no doubt that these are the best values in cables.

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  1. Dear Jack, Thank you for taking the time and effort to evaluate and review the Audience Au24 SE cables. I would like to comment please. I believe that the “musicality” that you refer to in your review, is the direct result of the accurate phase and coherency of the cable design. This has a lot to do with the low mass/low eddy current resistance design of all Audience cables. For those interested, this is described in writing and graphically illustrated by video at:

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