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Audio News: PureAudioProject Quintet15 Open-Baffle ‘Wall of Sound’

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Israel-based PureAudioProject develops and markets open-baffle speaker systems, offering a variety of tweeter designs for its various models. Largest among the speaker offering is the Quintet15 series. With each speaker emanating ‘a wall of sound,’ the Quintet15 is fitted with four 15-inch woofers and a full-range driver per channel.

More Features

  • Modular Aluminum Frame
  • Baffles: Piano Gloss, Genuine German Oak (handcrafted), custom
  • 15″ Woofers: 8 x audiophile grade open baffle woofers, OB-A15NEO
  • Main Driver: TB, Horn1, various Voxativ 8″
  • Passive Crossover: ‘Leonidas’ XO, configured to the specific main drivers
  • Active Crossover: PAP-C1 (Analog) or miniDSP
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: ~96db
  • Frequency Responce: from ~30hz (hearable and feel-able) to 20khz
  • Size: Hight 7′, Baffle Width 21.26″

Designed for breeze-simple self assembly.

Assembly or upgrades do not require any technical skills except of a use of a screwdriver and an Allen Key.


  • Quintet15 TB (w/TB W-1808): US$ 6,990
  • Quintet15 Horn1: US$ 9,990
  • Quintet15 with Voxativ Drivers
    • US$ 8,900 (w/AC-1.6)
    • US$ 10,900 (w/AC-PiFe)
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