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Audio News: A video tutorial – sonicTransporter and ultraRendu

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Small Green Computer compiled a video tutorial on using its sonicTransporter ($795) music server and ultraRendu ($875) music player in conjunction with your own DAC to attain high-resolution audio. The main points of the video are:

1) The sonicTransporter i5 music server replaces your PC / Mac.

2)  A few of many reasons to replace your pc/mac with a dedicated music server (even if your PC is dedicated to audio):

  1. a) PCs/Macs are running operating systems that were never designed specifically for audio.  The Sonicorbiter OS is designed specifically with the Audiophile front and center.
  1. b) Your PC/Mac OS runs updates (even if you shut off auto-update) that can cause problems and reboots.  Remember, your PC/Mac manufacturer needs to update their OS for all users and does not care about your specific use case.
  1. c) Programs / Apps are running on your PC/Mac that has nothing to do with your audio needs.  Don’t believe me, open Task Manager on your PC and check out all the programs that are running.  Which programs are memory hogs that will potentially compromise your audio experience?  Do you know which programs can be disabled and which are critical path for the OS to run properly?  With a sonicTransporter running Sonicorbiter OS, we only run what is necessary for you to achieve a better audio experience.

3) Connecting your sonicTransporter directly to your DAC via USB will give you better sound then using your PC/Mac.  Why? See the three (of many) reasons listed above.

4) However, when getting music to your DAC, you want to achieve this with the lowest noise possible.  This is accomplished by adding a network player.

5) Adding a network player allows you to have your music server and player in separate locations in your home.  You are able to have multiple network players in different locations across your home all playing unique music selections simultaneously.

6) Adding an ultraRendu (network player) to the mix:

  1. a) The ultraRendu has a USB port that is very different than what you will find on a PC/Mac or even a sonicTransporter i5.  The ultraRendu has pretty much the lowest noise USB port on the market.  We also use the most accurate clocks and internal linear power supplies available in the market today on the ultraRendu board.
  1. b) We also send 5V out of the USB port to the DAC.  Why? Most DACs use the 5V to power the digital part of the DAC and use their own supply to power the analog part of the DAC.

7) Galvanic Isolation.  An Ethernet port contains an air gap that only allows the digital signal to pass from the board within the music server to the ethernet output.  The ethernet cable is connected to an ethernet switch.  The ports in ethernet switch also contain the air gap allowing only digital signal to pass through.  Another ethernet cable is used to connect from the ethernet switch to the ultraRendu.

8) This set-up provides an air gap filter.  The air gap filter removes any DC and low-frequency noise from your digital signal.  The result is a player with the best clock, best power supplies and a network that filters out unwanted noise.

9) The result is a music server and operating system specifically designed for audio, combined with the top of the line music player, using the air gap filtering benefits of Ethernet, to provide amazing audio quality to your DAC.

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