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Audio Note UK announces official production of 4300E SET tube

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Audio Note UK announces official production of its edition of the 300B single-ended triode tube, the 4300E.

AN UK 4300E Front & Back

Peter Qvortrup, Audio Note UK founder, offers the following: “I always felt that although valves/tubes are by far the best amplifying devices, hardly any of the currently available types are optimised for the best sound possible. In search of the best sound, I built an enormous tube collection, going back to triodes from the early 1920s.

Listening through the various versions of the 211s I came across several variants that used metal anodes instead of carbon, the nickel versions did not have the dissipation of the carbon types, but the Molybdenum versions did and to my considerable surprise, sounded much better than any of the carbon types, including the United Electronics 38111a reinforced anode.

As with all other parts of the ‘chain’, resistors, signal and electrolytic capacitors, transformers both audio and mains, we have been conducting a thorough and detailed search for the best sounding materials and processes for many years, proof of the results can be found in the improvements in sound of our silver and copper foil signal capacitors, the Rubycon made KAISEI electrolytic capacitors, the non-magnetic Tantalum resistors, and of course, the silver/Tantalum versions of the non-magnetic resistors and so on.

About 3 years ago, Andy grove and I visited Psvane in Changsha, China to discuss closer co-operation and joint development of tubes with materials directly targeted at better sound, whilst retaining the correct electrical parameters that makes them proper replacements.

We started with the Molybdenum anode version of the 211, called the 4242E (picture below) and parallel with that a version of the 300B, which we dubbed the 4300E.  We knew what a Moly version of the 211 sounded like as I have a number of NOS 211s with Molybdenum anodes, and they all sound amazing, but the development of a 300B version with Molybdenum was largely speculative and it took quite a lot of experimentation to develop the right coatings and processes to get the right sound, reliability and longevity (still somewhat speculative, as only years of use will tell) whilst retaining the same electrical characteristics.

We finally got there about 3 months ago!”

The Audio Note UK 4300E is available exclusively from local Audio Note UK authorized dealers.

Price: 800 GBP

AN UK 4242E Front & Back

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  1. Erik says:

    What kind of cathode material is used in the 4300E ?

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