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Audio Technology Switzerland to show new Nagra MPS power supply and DAC prototype at High End Show

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Nagra MPS power supply and Nagra D/A converter prototype

Two new Nagra products to get even closer to total audio fidelity

Audio Technology Switzerland Nagra MPS front view

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, Audio Technology Switzerland provided a peep at its soon-to-be-finalised, high performance multiple power supply, the NAGRA MPS. Its development has now come to an end and it is now the definitive version on the point of being launched that visitors to Munich will be able to discover. The Bavarian trade show will also be the opportunity to hear a new prototype which is set to become a classic: the NAGRA D/A converter whose musical qualities are reputed to be exceptional.

Gains in quietness and dynamics increased realism and sound stage are known benefits which can result from simply using a well-made independent power supply to serve the different elements in a hi-fi system. This is indeed the solution which Nagra adopts for most of its equipment, especially for sources and preamplifiers. But the firm’s engineers thought it was possible to go even further in this area by applying a no-compromise approach for such a power supply. It is this attitude which has seen the birth of the Nagra MPS, which aims to deliver ultimate performance on every level.

Housed in a case that adopts the look and dimensions that have come to be associated with Nagra equipment, the MPS power supply can be connected to four elements at once as well as the BPS compact phono preamplifier. It is built around an oversized transformer which has been designed by Nagra. It benefits from massive filtering and includes a high precision, ultra low noise regulatory circuit for each output. It can also be equipped with optional batteries on one of the outputs in order (for example) to drive a phono preamplifier, creating a greater level of silence.

Powerful, perfectly stable and immune to any extraneous electromagnetic interference, the Nagra MPS power supply creates the ideal conditions for a listening experience of the highest fidelity. It allows the equipment connected to it to give its very best.

The device’s front panel features a meter where the user can choose to display the mains voltage, the voltage of each output and the state of the battery charge if relevant. It can be switched on via a Nagra remote control. It also comes with home automation connectors which, when used with the appropriate device, enable the various elements of the hi-fi system to be powered up. For instance, this also allows it to be switched on via a simple phone call so that it can already be up to optimal operating temperature for a listening session when the user gets home!

Audio Technology Switzerland Nagra MPS front view

Global avant-première of the Nagra D/A converter prototype

The new Nagra D/A converter, whose official name will be revealed in the fall, is presented in the final phase of its development. It is bound to attract exceptional interest such has been the enthusiasm generated by those who have so far had the opportunity to hear its spectacular audio performance. Once again, Nagra’s engineers have eschewed any thought of compromise in their quest to obtain a result which can be qualified as a step change in the domain of audio

In a move away from its traditional development methods, Nagra has worked with an outside expert, Andreas Koch, who, having worked for the prestigious Swiss manufacturer Studer for many years, has founded his own consultancy company, AKDesign. As a world renowned expert in digital audio, Mr Koch has already played an active role in the development of the SACD disc and in DSD – Digital Audio Streaming technology – which will be found in the conversion module which he has developed especially for Nagra.

It is around this custom made DSD module that Nagra has designed all its electronics, which, thanks to the pooling of knowhow, provides the very best of digital and analogue.

The new D/A Nagra converter is planned for autumn release. The selling price is not yet known.

About Audio Technology Switzerland
Nagra machines are designed and produced by Audio Technology Switzerland, in Romanel-surLausanne. The company is active in two different markets – professional recorders and its Hi-Fi range – driven by a dedication to excellence which has contributed to the prestige of the Nagra brand since 1951.

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  1. BAUM Lyonel says:

    The official name of this DAC is : Nagra HD DAC
    ( October/November 2013) .

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