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AV Show HK 2022, Part 1

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Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

I would like to star off by saying that I find very large shows like this one tend to be more about seeing the equipment in person than evaluating sound.  Unlike other shows where I try to comment on sound quality I won’t be doing that here too much.  I will chime in on some rooms that I enjoyed but as you will see, if you look closely, many rooms on the main floor are inside some sort of “portable” style exhibit with those faux walls.  Some large rooms have 6 or 7 stereos set-up and different dealers seem to have an agreement on when they will play their gear. Thus, it’s very difficult to audition every room given how crowded the venue was.

Let me take you on the tour.

Hong Kong still maintains a strict mask policy and all attendees must present their Leave Home Safe app that shows you have had 3 vaccine jabs to enter. Ticket prices are $80 HKD ($10 USD) to enter and you are provided a bag with a map as well as a Super Audio CD.

The main floor has mostly static displays and headphone listening as well as vendors selling CD and LP, both formats alive and kicking in Asia. This is a massive floor space with roughly 40 vendors selling music cables and smaller audio items such as headphones and portable players.

Another 20 or so stalls selling smaller items like headphones are in the middle of the hall.


B&W and Quad




Vision Ears

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