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Axpona 2013 Day Two Highlights

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[D]ay two of Axpona, Saturday, seemed to be the day everyone was out.  We got an early start and were able to listen to a lot of rooms but by noon the rooms were almost too booked to get in.  Several trends started to appear by mid-day.  If you have a $10,000 budget, there is a lot of amazing sounding gear to choose from. Also, DEQX is the new room treatment.  More rooms than you can count on your fingers were using the software.

Audio Artistry and Selah Audio

Audio Artistry and Selah Audio

Don B. Keele of Audio Artistry’s CBT36K Circular-Arc line array speakers ($8,500/pair, $2,999.99 kit). A very good sounding room.  Big, extended, clear, and without the sub the lower end was surprising when it kicked in.

Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker front panel section

Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker front panel tweeter circuit board

Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker

Blue Circle

Gilbert R. Yeung of Blue Circle is a very creative engineer.

PSB Imagine B speaker

PSB Imagine B speaker in Blue Circle room

power line noise filters

power line noise filters

According to that little white box that reads 0.33, that is how much noise is on that electrical line. The filter installed at the front of the power strip, as unattractive as it is, is said to create a black background and allow for better dynamics and tone clarity.  Gilbert said he could stick it in a pretty box and charge more, but what is the point, most electrical areas are hidden away from view anyways. The base model is $200.  Can’t wait to try it.

BC1022 Solid State Stereo Power Amplifier

BC1022 Solid State Stereo Power Amplifier, 100W into 8Ohms.

Unfortunately, the photo of the most interesting piece of gear in this photo, the black box on the right hand side with the two green pieces of tape X’d over the top, didn’t come out well.  But that is a prototype pre-amplifier that will allow the user to choose between 3 different pre-amplification methods.  Two different tubes and solid state.  The interesting part is that the volume of each can be adjusted into the signal with a main volume control for all.  This means, you could have a pre-amplifier signal that uses a bit of tube 1, a bit more of tube 2, and none from the solid state.  Or some other combination there of. Certainly sounds like an interesting idea.

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