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B.M.C. Audio Demos New DAC In More Affordable PureLine Component Serie

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BMC Audio Angle DAC front

High-Quality PureDAC Combines Advanced Headphone Amp, Elegant Styling, Affordability and Audiophile Performance

T.H.E. SHOW – Newport May 31, 2013 — Balanced Music Concept (B.M.C.) Audio, a developer and manufacturer of high-performance, high-value audiophile components, is demoing the newly-introduced the PureDAC Digital-to-Analog Converter, with a build-in balanced headphone amplifier, at the Home Entertainment Show.

A close-up of B.M.C.’s PureDAC shows the separate volume settings for its built-in preamp and reference-level balanced headphone amplifier.

Designed principally for Lifestyle and Design-conscious consumers, the PureDAC is the first entry in a new PureLine Series of components that will be more affordable than B.M.C.’s Reference-level models. PureLine models deliver an essential level of electronic purity. Their electronics are complex yet not complicated — or comprised — by unnecessary features. As a result, they fulfil their promise of high-end audio at affordable prices. Additional products in the PureSeries line will include the PurePhono Preamplifier, compatible with both moving magnet and moving coil type cartridges, and the PureMono Amplifier, with B.M.C.’s exclusive Current Injection technology.

The PureDAC delivers a DAC of the highest quality. It combines its DAC with a balanced, reference-level headphone amplifier, a balanced preamplifier, and B.M.C.’s exclusive Digital Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM), a volume and amplification control system that calibrates gain without dividing or downgrading the input signal.


The PureDAC rear panel shows both digital and analog connectors as well as the special B.M.C. Link for connecting to other B.M.C. components.

The PureDAC’s headphone amplifier and preamp both have separate volume controls and employ B.M.C.’s exclusive Load Effect Free (LEF) technology. LEF handles a speaker’s current demand separately from the voltage demand, increasing the amp and preamp’s efficiency and the quality of their audio reproduction. The preamp is integrated with the DAC’s current-to-voltage converter, which converts and filters the DAC’s current, eliminating the need for an extra stage.

The PureDAC also boasts a high-resolution asynchronous USB interface, digital AES/EBU, Toslink and coaxial inputs, balanced analog outputs, RCA output jacks, and a special B.M.C. link for connecting directly to a B.M.C. amplifier. Its balanced output is ideally compatible with amplifiers featuring B.M.C.’s exclusive Current Injection (CI) technology, which enhances signal purity and the musical presence of the PureDAC’s audio reproduction.

The PureDAC Digital-to-Analog Converter will be available from authorized B.M.C. dealers at the end of the First Quarter at a price anticipated below $1,600 (U.S. MSRP). It can be seen with B.M.C.’s other outstanding products in the Atrium Hotel Room 305.

About B.M.C. Audio

B.M.C. Audio, based in Germany, is a developer and manufacturer of innovative audiophile components that combine a radically different approach with unconventional technologies, modular designs and affordable prices for music lovers with the highest expectations.

For further technical information, visit B.M.C. Audio’s website at or the Aaudio Imports website at

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2 Responses to B.M.C. Audio Demos New DAC In More Affordable PureLine Component Serie

  1. jim says:

    Wonder what DAC chip is at the heart of this unit. looks very nice, could it be the ESS sabre chip?

  2. Miguel says:

    I am very interested on see how this unit turns out from a review, first its seems to be an excellent performer, second comes with a highly regarded company, third is beautifully well done and looks like a master piece and last very affordable for all of what it has…i hope its performance backs all this things up!

    Makes me want it

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