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Back in stock: Zu Audio ZL/DL-103 MK II

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(2/23/2019) Ogden, Utah – A loudspeaker manufacturer, Zu Audio gained particular notoriety in 2007 when it began offering its in-housed modified Denon DL-103 moving coil cartridges in addition to speaker manufacturing. Demand quickly outstripped supply and Zu could not get its hands on sufficient quantity of the Denon cartridges via the official channel.

Today, Sean Casey, owner of Zu Audio, announced that the company’s offering of the Zu-modified cartridge is back!

The Denon DL-103 has been in continuous production since 1962 as it progressed through decades of manufacturing and material advancements.

The Zu Audio modification replaces the mass-production plastic body with an extruded aluminum one, and the price goes up from $299 to $499 for the Standard aluminum-body version all the way to $1,099 for the Grade 2 Prime variance. See the following:

Standard: $499 – less than 2.5% of difference in left-right internal impedance
Grade 1: $659 – less than 1%
Grade 2: $799 – less than 0.5%
Grade 2 Prime: $1,099 – less than 0.1%

There is also the ‘R’ version: the Zu/DL-103R MK II for more demanding listeners.
Monday – Friday (Mountain Time)

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