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Blue Coast Records: Memorial Weekend Rebates on all Downloads and MQD 24K Gold discs

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Memorial Holiday Weekend Sale! Buy Three and We’ll Refund One!

Good for all MQDs Gold CDs, SACDs and all Downloads!

How it Works….
Buy any three downloads, or MQD Gold discs or SACDs and we’ll refund one! Just send us an email for the refund and we’ll rebate the full amount of the lowest priced item.

So, whether you’d like 3 tracks or 3 full albums, we’ll refund the lowest purchased item.

If you have questions, feel free to write Otherwise, forward your paypal receipt to and we’ll refund the lowest priced item. Give us 24 hours to send your refund.

This sale ends on June 6, after T.H.E. Newport Beach Show.

Keith Greeninger and Blue Coast Records in Double DSD

Wow! The response for Double DSD has been fantastic. We’re extending this offer until June 6, 2013!

Blue Coast Artist Keith Greeninger, performed 4 songs direct to 2 channels of Double DSD. We’ve created a proprietary technique for mastering to enhance the sound of the regular DSD file, too. These are great songs available in DSD-dff (sorry, no dsf at this time), 9624 or 44.1. The Double DSD requires a DSDDAC capable device to hear the music.

The Double DSD files will be free for those who purchase the DSD-DFF regular files extended to June 6, 2013.
To receive your free Double DSD (DSD2x) files, forward your receipt for purchase of the Special Event 20 in DFF and we will forward the DSD2x to you within 24 hours.

Want more information on Double DSD?
Here’s a short piece at DSD-Guide that might answer a few questions.

Alex DeGrassi Is AMAZING. If you Love Acoustic Guitar, this is a GOTTA HAVE!
One of the founding artists for Windham Hill Records was Alex DeGrassi with ground breaking acoustic guitar performances. We recorded using our Extended Sound Environment technique (E.S.E.) to capture his incredible sound on DSD. Alex is a lesson for any guitar player as he engages the whole instrument’s tonal capabilities.

Check out the Sympitar on “Shenandoah”. Amazing. We’ll be adding more information on his guitars on the Special Event page upcoming, but we couldn’t resist putting the music out NOW!

Free Alex DeGrassi DSD Download Available at our Audiogate Site!

Most of you know that we offer free downloads each month of our new releases at our site. Keep in mind, this is a second site to receive free downloads. If you’ve signed up at, we thank you very much, but, you’ll need to register again to receive these new downloads. There’s a long reason why we do this. If you want to know, send us an email at 🙂

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