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B&O Launch Party

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Madison and 75th Streets
New York City

Bang and Olufsen were introducing a few new products and having an event to coincide with their new catalog release. They brought in their CEO, Mr. Torben Ballegaard Sorensen, for a yummy cocktail reception.

BeoSound 3

It was a wonderful New York evening and I had a great walk uptown. The store looked great from the outside, but of course the beauty was in the products on the inside. Not just the new products, but also the historic products from B&O’s past that were there, giving a glimpse into the rich history as well as evolutionary path from the mid twenty’s through today. The press kit they gave out was beautiful with a special book cataloging the products chronologically, of course as beautifully designed and produced as their products themselves.

BeoSound 3 (top)

The two new products were a portable radio, the BeoSound3 and a new mini-stereo system, the BeoLab4/BeoSound4, that incorporated a SD card slot for easy transfer of music from CD, FM or an AUX input to the SD card for use in their portable device, the BeoSound2.

BeoLab 4/BeoSound 4

BeoSound 2

I really appreciate B&O’s unwavering brand presence. You can look at any B&O product and realize it as such. They innovate with every new product and the product design remains fresh and current for many years. Their products not only look incredible, they feel even better… waving your hand in front activated a glass door, barely touching an area on an aluminum panel open clamshell aluminum doors revealing a lit glass CD cover that slowly lifts to allow access to the CD. All just perfect. All in all it was fun to see B&O’s history as well as their newest creations on an all too perfect NYC eve.

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