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Boulder Amplifiers Announces the 3060 900Wpc Amplifier

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Boulder Amplifier 3060 Amplifier

Touting to be the “last remaining ‘high-end’ electronics manufacturer in North America to engineer and produce all aspects of its products in-house,” Boulder Amplifiers has produced what is arguably the heaviest and most expensive American-made solid-state amplifiers to date.

Weighing in at about 450lbs and equipped with no less than 120 output devices, the Boulder 3060 Class A Stereo Amplifier produces 900 Wpc, its bias current actively monitored and adjusted to increase efficiency and reduce wasted radiated heat energy, and is only produced for 240V AC mains feed in order to guarantee full-rated power output. The Boulder 3060 even comes with its own platform made of black granite and stainless steel, cut and polished to match the angled surfaces of the amplifier.

The company claims that the 3060 “is the world’s most powerful and accurate home stereo amplifier,” and the R&D that went into producing the 3060 “sets the stage for numerous future developments in other series of Boulder products.”

MSRP: $115,000.

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