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Bryston debutes Model T and Middle T loudspeakers

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Bryston Model T loudspeaker

Bryston (  is making loudspeakers! The company has been a cornerstone in American amplification manufacturing since the 1970s, producing reliable warhorses such as the widely used 4BST and many others. Now, Bryston has reinvented itself again after positioning itself at the leading edge of digital audio a few years back with a myriad of digital products, and coming out with not one but ten models of loudspeakers!

Leading the pack is the $9,495 per pair Model T Active, with a Bryston 24-bit digital electronic crossover that requires 6 channels of amplification, or tri-amplification. Mounted at the top of the 52.5″ high cabinet are the Model T Active’s dual 1″ titanium dome tweeters, followed by two 5.5″ ceramic coated aluminum/magnesium midranges with cast aluminum speaker baskets, and three 8″ woofers using the same materials as the midranges.  With a specified frequency range of 25 to 22kHz and an efficiency rating of 91dB at 4 Ohms, the Model T Active with its requirement for 6 channels of amplification is provocative in what it can offer and must have in system support.

Next model down is the $7,495 per pair Model T Signature, which features an outboard crossover utilizing custom-made components including air-core chokes and Bryston-proprietary film capacitors, and requiring only a maximum of two monoblocks or a stereo amplifier. The standard Model T retails for $6,495 the pair, and is surely the hottest item in the product lineup. All Model Ts feature the same specs.

Bryston Middle T loudspeaker

Smaller Bryston loudspeakers include the Middle T for $4,600 the pair, a mini t for $2,695 the pair, a TC1 Center for $3,200 each, a TC1 mini Center for $2,200 each, a T Sub for $4,195 each, a T IW in-wall speaker for $560 each and a T OW on-wall speaker for $560 each as well.

According to Bryston, the Model T, the first model to reach completion, “was subjected to over 200 separate anechoic measurements during the design phase to ensure the highest level of accuracy and refinement. Bryston loudspeakers have also been engineered to reproduce the most difficult dynamic transients—to play very loud passages of music or movie soundtrack information without the distortion common to competitive products. ‘I think we met with a degree of skepticism when we first announced the loudspeaker project—and rightfully so. There are a lot of speaker companies already in the marketplace,‘ reported Bryston’s James Tanner. ‘But we set out to create an affordable reference quality loudspeaker and went to great lengths to achieve an end result that separates us from the competition—we are confident that these products will be quite well received,’ Tanner concluded.

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