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Bybee Technologies Quantum products Review

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This commentary is a review of remarkable new technology from Jack Bybee. But it’s also a sketch of his intriguing concepts and the rarely profiled man behind them.

I first met Bybee more than twenty years ago, adopting his AC filtering in the mid-1990s. I’ve followed his work with keen interest ever since, acquiring several of his innovative products in retail, custom aftermarket or OEM applications over the decades. I recently invited Jack to demonstrate one of his newest tweaks in my system, and we had a chat over lunch.

Quantum Noise in the Cold War

Bybee’s first commercial products emerged from Cold War-era military-industrial research. The stealthy shadow contest of nuclear submarine detection, location and evasion demanded ever-quieter circuits, lower electronic noise and greater signal-to-noise ratios. Practitioners summed up the problem as: “reducing 1/f noise, from DC to 2000hz.” Obviously this is an area of great concern to audio enthusiasts being the most sensitive range of human hearing.

One approach Bybee and others have used for reducing electronic noise in circuits involves exotic blends of rare-earth metals or their isotopes. In my experience, such technology effectively reduces noise in AC and DC circuits. Back in the 1990s, I had the opportunity to audition and buy one of Bybee’s earliest “Quantum” power conditioners. His was among the first of its kind to use exotic doped materials instead of transformers or balanced power, which made it a novel concept at the time. Bybee Technologies AC filtering has been an essential tool in my listening and audio production toolbox ever since.

Introducing Bybee quantum filtering to a system, one might at first hear an apparent high frequency roll off or darkening of the sound. But in my experience, after sustained listening, what’s missing, what has been attenuated, is noise from DC to 2000Hz. I can tune my system to accommodate this shift in perspective.

What is removed by quantum filtering is not upper range audio but previously unperceived noise buried in the signal. Random electronic noise in circuitry obscures signal detail, timbre, and location cues, bleaching tone color. By taming disordered low-level noise, Bybee’s quantum filtering unmasks details and expands dynamic range.

Electron shell

“Bybee Inside”

Installing Bybee’s technology into components further extends the benefits of quantum filtering. Bybee DC Music Rails demonstrably achieve up to 45 dB of noise quieting in electronic circuits.

I’ve owned some remarkable boutique components with “Bybee Inside” built by Jeff Wells of Wells Audio, located in Silicon Valley. Wells builds Bybee Technologies Quantum Filters into commercial products and modifications. And he’s designed Bybee noise filtration into his proprietary line of products, which includes headphone amps, preamps, integrateds and power amplifiers.

Jeff leverages Bybee’s noise suppression by installing multiple layers of filtering. He applies quantum filtering to incoming AC. Then, after rectification, Bybee DC Music Rails further suppress noise, allowing extraordinary expression of tone color, imaging, clarity and dynamic range.

Likewise, Jack has created several generations of his now famous Quantum Speaker Bullets and Slipstream products, which offer similar benefits for external or internal use with loudspeakers.

Bybee Active

Bybee Active Room Neutralizers

I’ve described several iterations of Bybee quantum noise filtering. Yet, that’s only one of several notable audio innovations from this modest, soft-spoken inventor. Allow me to introduce a stunning new product Bybee recently introduced by sharing a testimonial I sent Jack after first installing his Active Room Neutralizers (active $650 each, passive $250 each):

“Bravo!  Your new Active Room Neutralizers are a fine enhancement to any system and the room it occupies. Here are my observations after 36 hours using 2 active and 4 passive neutralizers in a small-medium size room with a fully tweaked system.

REDUCES room influences dramatically,

BASS leading edge punchier and harmonics are improved,

SILVERY HIGHS, but mellower; a great deal of glare and edge gone,

LOUDER with less distortion.  Added overall clarity and transparency, that is:

SUBJECTIVE sound level is greater and the equipment can deliver higher sound pressure at lower perceived distortion.

PRESENCE, especially human voices, is enhanced.

The effect was rather mild at first, especially with passives already up. It became quite vivid after about a day. I appreciate the flexibility of placement that allows for tuning the room to taste, or accommodating asymmetrical space. In an intimate space, movement of as little as 8-10 inches changes the room response. Congratulations.”

Bybee Passive

Spintronics in the House

Bybee Technologies Room Neutralizers (active or passive) borrow from the cutting edge science of “spintronics.” Spintronics is utilized in, for instance, Magnetic Resonance Imaging at the forefront of medical technology. MRI exploits the “magnetic moment,” changes in nuclear proton polarity for the purposes of medical imaging. And spintronics is utilized in the ongoing search for the Holy Grail of computer R&D: quantum level calculation and memory.

Jack Bybee was intrigued by the Stein Harmonizer. A stand-alone room conditioner, it influences the acoustic behavior of air molecules. The Stein Harmonizer is thought to change the sound of a listening room by acting upon the “alignment” or “polarization” of oxygen atoms utilizing activated quartz. I should say that I’ve not personally experienced or played around with Stein Harmonizer technology, but I’ve read and heard that it’s very effective.

Taking an intuitive leap, Jack conceived a different approach. Reasoning that oxygen is about 18% of atmospheric gases, Bybee sought instead to influence nitrogen atoms, which make up about 80% of air molecules.

Researching the behavior of nitrogen gas in an anechoic chamber, Bybee devised a crystal material that he says impacts the time alignment and phase distortion of air gases thereby “propagating a more direct signal” and “overwhelming phase distortion.” Though I remain somewhat dubious of the nuclear theory offered, I must admit the little boogers work.

Bybee’s concept and execution are far simpler, cheaper and more efficient than the Stein Harmonizer. With nothing but an AC cord to plug in, Room Neutralizers require no hardware, room rearrangement, floor space or accessories.

2 Responses to Bybee Technologies Quantum products Review

  1. Ken says:

    The Bybee iQSE is not a completely passive device. Underneath the magnet strip is a watch type battery. It will probably lose power within a year.

  2. Jack Bybee responds that the iQSE are not POWERED by the lithium battery. But he is considering removing the battery, since it’s confusing:

    “The original QSEs, were fabricated w/o batteries. I add a small lithium battery latter to further improve the effectiveness, the battery added only about 5 to 10% additional energy to the QSEs. I only did this, at no additional cost, because I wanted my customers to get more bang for the buck.

    The battery insertion is not active its is not in any kind of circuit drawing any energy….in essence it is just setting there. Why it added an extra bit of effectiveness is unknown but the hypothesis it is somehow interacting with the matter that makes up the Bybee developed material. Try explaining that to the general audiophile public. The life of the battery is the same as if the battery is just setting in your drawer some place. Look up shelve life of lithium batteries on GOOGLE and you will see the shelve is over 10 years.

    Everything has a resonance frequency and I theorized the resonance frequency of lithium was close to that of one of the materials utilized in the QSEs and that by adding the battery it would be possible to increase the oscillation of the QSEs making them ever more effective. Instead of a lithium battery I could have added powered lithium but would have been very dangerous.”

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