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California Audio Show AWARDS

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Announcing the Award categories of the California Audio Show!

For the first time ever, attendees and reviewers will vote for companies to be recognized for their best efforts at the show.

Vote count: 2 – per Member of the Press, 1 – per Attendee

Vote allowance: 1 vote allowed per Type per person.

  1. Type I – Most Innovative Product. Awarded to the Exhibitor with the most innovative, yet practical product.
  2. Type II – Best Industrial Design. Awarded to the Exhibitor with the most aesthetically captivating product.
  3. Type III – Best Value Component. An original design at the lowest price point with a performance that would allow it to seamlessly fit into the best of systems. 
  4. Type IV – The Ultimate Component. The cost-no-object design that is sonically superior over others.
  5. Type V – Best System Performance. Awarded to the room with the best sonic performance and/or musicality.

Exhibitors will be welcoming multiple visits from Attendees and Press. After-hours listening permitted until 10pm on Friday and Saturday!

Each winner of CAS7 Award Types I-IV will receive 6 months of complimentary Premium Widescreen advertisement placement in one of the eight available banners on DAGOGO. Four winners total for the ad placements.

Premium Widescreen banner measures 940 pixels wide, 190 pixels tall. Artwork design is the responsibility of the winner. All CAS7 Exhibitors and Attendees agree to abide by the final tally count and decision of the CAS Management.

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