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CanCans luxury headphone stand by Klutz Design, now available from Aaudio Imports

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Klutz Design brings us true luxury headphone stands. Creating a headphone stand that “we ourselves have been missing in our lives.”

Designed to further enhance the joy and passion of headphone HiFi, the CanCans combine an insightful and unique solution, masterful craftsmanship and a beautiful design, to a luxury headphone stand.

Manufactured in Sweden, the goal is to develop products which our prospective customers will say “here’s somebody who shares my passion and truly understands it and my needs”.

• $599 Black or White Body
• $719 Optional Color Body
• $799 Tan Leather Body (White Stitching)
• $799 Black Leather Body (White or Orange Stitching)


The cradle is milled from solid wood in a high-precision computer operated mill and then finely sanded down and finished by craftsmen’s’ hands in the heart of “furniture Sweden” in Smaland.

The drop shaped cradle provides a safe haven to keep (or can) your cans when you’re not listening. It is also painted in a high gloss paint (black or white as standard) and lacquered creating a beautiful luster that stays that way, as long as you don’t let the dust settle.


The knobs are first and foremost a functional element to allow you to wind the cable as tight or loose as you please, keeping it safely – and nice and tidy – out of harms way. The individual length of the knob, and distance between the two, allows for a 3 meter cable to be wound, and the head of the knob prevents the cable from falling off.

The knobs are in available as color-matched to the cradle (black/black and white/white), chromed or as other more colorful knobs to further brighten your day.

More information at Aaudio Imports

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