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CAS Awards 2023

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The CAS is the only show in which attendees and reviewers can vote for companies to be recognized for their best efforts at the show.

Vote count: 2 – per Member of the Press1 – per Attendee

Vote allowance: 1 vote allowed per Type per person.

  1. Best Sounding Room Award.
  2. Most Innovative Product Award.
  3. Best Value Component Award.
  4. The Ultimate Component Award.

Exhibitors will be welcoming multiple visits from sharp-eared Attendees and Press.

Each winner of CAS Award Types 1-4 will be given a certificate of recognition of the respective award.

Discontinued products ineligible for nomination. Each product is eligible for one Award only, with the exception of being part of the Type 1 – Best Sounding Room Award.

All CAS Exhibitors and Attendees agree to abide by the final tally count and award decision of the CAS Management.


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