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CAS Exhibitor Profile: AIX Media Group

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Respondent: Mark Waldrep, AIX Media Group, Outer Booth #1


What’s the “elevator pitch” description of your company? 
AIX Records specializes in the production of new high-resolution albums (96/24) mixed in surround and stereo and available on disc or downloads. Company founder and Chief Engineer Mark Waldrep has also written a book call Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound, which has been called the “new gold standard”.

What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?  

AIX Records is the only record label that produces new high-resolution music products with multiple mixes, HD video, with zero artificial processing. We don’t add reverb, apply compression, or adjust the timbre of the natural sounds.

Which of your products do you plan to demonstrate at CAS 2018? 

AIX Records and Mark Waldrep are proud to share the complete high-resolution catalog and feature the new book and demo Blu-ray disc called Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound.

Which sorts of CAS attendees should be interested to see and hear the products you will be demonstrating – and why? 

There is a lot of hype, hyperbole, and outright falsehoods in the promotion of high-end music and equipment. Mark Waldrep, an experienced music producer, musician, engineer, and author, presents accurate information on a variety of audio related topics that are guaranteed to help you make sound investments.

What do you like most about exhibiting at smaller, regional audio shows such as CAS 2018? 

Small, focused audio shows like the CAS allow me to interact with serious audiophiles and provide insights that are challenging at larger shows

In your product space, what are you most excited about in terms of technology and market trends? 

I am very excited to share the Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound book and demo disc. The new book dispels a lot of the misinformation presented as facts. A reader responded, “The book is amazing. Good work. You’ve created what I now consider the “bible” of audio. I spent all last night reading your book, and I learned more in that 6 hours than knowledge gained over multiple years of reading a patchwork of other sources online.” 

Assuming you had the resources, what product would you like to create? 
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