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CAS Exhibitor Profile: Studio Electric

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Respondent: David MacPherson, Studio Electric, Room 5224.


What’s the “elevator pitch” description of your company?

“Do one thing and do it well.” We build speakers that exceed expectations.


What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?

Dave MacPherson, managing partner at Studio Electric, has a 30-year history designing and building speaker systems for professional and home use. Thousands of loudspeakers designed by Dave are in service around the world.

A common thread running through all of our designs is articulate voicing, impressive dynamics, while still being “non-fatiguing and organic”. Not the easiest thing to do. But over time, we have gotten rather good at it.


Which of your products do you plan to demonstrate at CAS 2018?

The Studio Electric M4 (our fourth generation monitor) has been receiving rave reviews from the audiophile press, and from owners. This is the first time the Bay Area will get a chance to see/hear this magical speaker. Price: $2,400-$3,100 depending on finish.


Which sorts of CAS attendees should be interested to see and hear the products you will be demonstrating – and why?

Those looking for that elusive combination of great sound at a fair price.


What do you like most about exhibiting at smaller, regional audio shows such as CAS 2018?

The Bay Area needs its own show!


In your product space, what are you most excited about in terms of technology and market trends?

The resurgence of vinyl. It’s hard to listen to records on ear buds.  The next generation will be needing good speakers.  And good speakers are what we do.


Assuming you had the resources, what product would you like to create?

A starship (with a really nice sound system)


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