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CAS Exhibitor Profile: Unisinger Speakers

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Respondent: Rong Zhang, Unisinger Inc., Room 5231.


What’s the “elevator pitch” description of your company? 

Unisinger’s mission is to provide artistically designed and affordably priced natural, balanced sounding high performance loudspeakers with Venturi Effect technology for improved aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics.


What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?

Unisinger speakers’ unique design produces music that is crystal clear, airy, natural and dynamic. The sculpture-like design brings elegance to the living room. We are confident our products will obtain wide audiophile acceptance, making Unisinger a phenomena in the Hi-Fi Speaker industry.


Which of your products do you plan to demonstrate at CAS 2018?

Unisinger will be having its world premiere at CAS8. We are presenting 3 levels of UIA -2 series speakers: UIA-2/Silver,UIA-2/Gold and UIA-2/Platinum.


Which sorts of CAS attendees should be interested to see and hear the products you will be demonstrating – and why?

Attendees who want to experience high end sound for a fraction of the cost demanded by other loudspeaker companies, who want to convert any space into a listening room and who have an eye for elegant interior/sculptural design in addition to great sound. Unisinger’s speakers bring a live concert hall sound quality experience to ordinary home settings affordably.


What do you like most about exhibiting at smaller, regional audio shows such as CAS 2018?

We love exhibiting at smaller regional audio shows because as a low-profile company, we have more opportunity to make a presence in the high-end speaker arena to our fellow exhibitors and to the attendees. At a smaller regional show, we have the opportunity to connect more personally with potential partners and clients.


In your product space, what are you most excited about in terms of technology and market trends?

We believe that the high-end speaker industry should adopt metal as the primary building material to produce marvelous sound. Increasingly, more consumers will recognize the special advantages a metal-based speaker would hold.  Our unique patented technology will lead this trend while controlling cost. More speakers will become architectural additions to the home, rather than uninteresting, unattractive, large boxes.


Assuming you had the resources, what product would you like to create?

We will gradually expand our product line to include even more affordable designs, as well as applying our unique patented technology into developing reference speakers for recording studios.


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