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CAS7 Exhibitor Profile: Audio Federation

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Publisher’s note: This is a part of a series of pre-CAS7 articles we have prepared for our readers. Enjoy!

Questionnaire created by Dan Rubin, copy editor.

Respondent: Mike and Neli Davis, Audio Federation. (Boardroom V)


What’s the “elevator pitch” description of your company?

We are internationally known wife-and-husband audiophiles and a high-end audio dealership, distributorship, a popular blog and, often enough, an audiophile therapy and advice line. We’ve been in this business for 15 years, and recently relocated from Boulder, CO to Palo Alto, CA.


What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?

We’re fundamentally out of control audiophiles. We love those OMG chills when everything is just right. Some brands of products are much more likely to create The Chills than others. We try as many pieces as we can in all sorts of configurations and perform all sorts of shootouts to learn all about how they sound. We pick each brand we carry because we find we just can’t live without it.


Which of your products do you plan to demonstrate at CAS 2017?

Speakers: Acapella Audio Arts Cellini High

Amplifier: Acapella Audio Arts LaMusika integrated amplifier

Transport: Audio Note U.K. CDT Five transport

DAC: Audio Note U.K. DAC Five Signature

Equipment Racks: Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) SXR and MXR, with M3x isolation bases.

and (maybe) Acapella’s brand new La Musika music server.


Which sorts of CAS attendees should be interested to see and hear the products you will be demonstrating – and why?

We would love to play your favorite music for you. Especially music that you think exhibitors might not want to play. Music like complex orchestral pieces, opera, big band, funk, metal, hip-hop and rock and/or roll, baby!


What do you like most about exhibiting at smaller, regional audio shows such as CAS 2017?

Shows are big fun – they are like dozens of parties, crowded into a hotel. There is great music everywhere; each with interestingly different sound.

We are especially excited to show at CAS because we are new to the Bay Area and are really looking forward to meeting our new neighbors.


In your product space, what are you most excited about in terms of technology and market trends?

Turntables are enjoying a well deserved renaissance. CD playback has gotten way better. And music servers have just about caught up to CDs. This brings a fantastic wealth of music with reasonable to very-high-quality sound to everyone’s finger tips.


Assuming you had the resources, what product would you like to create?

A super fast multi-material 3D printer that prints really excellent hi-fi systems. People could come over, listen to a few things, we push a few buttons, and voila: a system to try out. If it’s not quite right, we dump it in the hopper and try again.

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