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CAS7 Show Flyer: Sound Lab debuts Ultimate 545

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7/12/2017: Introducing Ultimate 545*, Majestic 545 Compact Full-Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers.

Sound Lab is introducing a new speaker series that consists of compact versions of Sound Lab’s highly acclaimed steel-framed Ultimate series and the furniture-trimmed Majestic series full-range electrostatic speakers. The new speakers, the Ultimate-545 and the Majestic-545, are truly full-range electrostatic speakers that approach the performance level of the larger versions. The Ultimate-545 and Majestic-545 precisely incorporate the structural design of the larger versions, differing only in radiating area. In brief, concerning the new speakers:

  • Based on Sound Lab’s patented PX technology
  • Included as standard: Sound Lab’s highest quality “Hot-Rod” audio components
  • Included as standard: Sound Lab’s super-quality Toroid II toroidal audio transformer
  • Height: 56″ (142 cm) – the smaller size doesn’t challenge room decor
  • Smaller size doesn’t challenge room decor
  • Single membrane technology – perfect time-alignment providing life-like imaging
  • Full frequency response from 32Hz to beyond 20kHz
  • Bass-Focus technology for enhanced bass dynamics
  • Highly detailed (fast) bass dynamics
  • Impressively wide dynamic range
  • Incomparable electrostatic clarity and purity

If further information is desired please contact our dealers, listed on our website, or Sound Lab.

* The Ultimate 545 is the Ultimate 4iA, only the name has been changed. The U-4iA (U-545) was reviewed in DAGOGO in the January 2017 issue.

The Sound Lab Ultmate 545 will be in Boardroom IV at CAS7.

P.O. Box 409 Gunnison, UT 84634 USA
Phone: 435-528-7218
Fax: 435-528-7219

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