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CAS7 Show Flyer: Volti Audio, BorderPatrol, Triode Wire Labs

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California Audio Show 2017

Room 5216


BorderPatrol Audio Electronics –

Amplifier: BorderPatrol P21EXD power amplifier, A 20W/ch push-pull 300B power amplifier featuring inter-stage phase-splitter/driver transformers, point to point hard wiring and an external tube rectified, choke input filter PSU.

The PSU provides independent tube rectified, choke input supplies to the output tubes, driver tubes and bias supplies. The amplifier has no negative feedback and is housed in a copper and hardwood chassis.

Both the amp and PSU have undergone extensive cryogenic treatments.

With Living Voice or EML 300B tubes. From $13150 depending on 300B tube options.


DAC: BorderPatrol DAC SE (SPDIF), A non-oversampling, no digital filtering resistor ladder (R-2R) DAC with a sophisticated tube/solid state hybrid power supply all housed in a copper case.  Plays files up to 24/96kHz.

S version $995, SE version with more sophisticated power supply and internal components $1350.


Triode Wire Labs –

Power Cables: “High Power Digital American”, Audiophile power cord used on the PI Audio Group UberBUSS power conditioner – $699 each.

Digital American”, Audiophile Digital power cords used on the DAC & DAC power supply – $499 each.

“Seven Plus”, Audiophile 7 AWG power cord used on the BP Amplifier power supply – $549 each.

“Ten Plus”, Audiophile 10 AWG power cord used on the CEC transport.

Speaker Cables: “American Speaker Cables”, Audiophile speaker cables terminated with premium

Cardas CAB bananas – $699 per set.

Interconnects: “Spirit” RCA interconnects, Hybrid material design utilizing Ohno Continuous Cast Copper – $349/pr.

Digital Interconnects: “Spirit 75”, a true 75 ohm SPDIF digital cable – $299 each.

“Split Power and Data” USB cable, a 90 ohm USB cable with separate power & data leads- $329 each.


All Triode Wire Labs Products Are Proudly & Meticulously Hand-made In The U.S.A.


Volti Audio –

Introducing a NEW compact horn speaker from Volti Audio  –  RIVAL

Borrowing heavily from its larger and more expensive brother, the Rival uses many of the same internal components found in the much-heralded Vittora, so the characteristic “Volti Sound” remains intact, but in a loudspeaker that is 1/3rd  the size and 1/3rd the cost of the Vittora system.

100db    *     32Hz – 20kHz     *    Stoutly Built    *     Superb Finish

41-1/2” x 19” wide x 16” deep, 125lbs/each

Starts At $7,900/pr – Show Pair With Walnut Veneer and Grills – $11,900


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