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CAS9: From Constantine’s Desk

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From Constantine’s Desk (Official Directory edition)

Dear Attendees and Exhibitors of CAS9,

Welcome to the ninth annual California Audio Show!

Music is a conduit to the inner beauty of us all. Through music, we connect beyond religions, politics and social divides. Through music, we are all elevated to the apex in human spirituality. Indeed, music can even restore memories and the joy of life to seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alive Inside ( is an organization devoted to improving the lives of seniors with the disease. It is also a 2012 documentary movie made by Alive Inside founder, Michael Rossato-Bennett. It chronicles his discovery of the conditions of nursing home seniors with Alzheimer’s and how they were transformed by music. The movie earned numerous awards and is now available on Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime streaming.

On Sunday, July 28, Tony Fisher of Healdsburg Senior Living, a local partner of Alive Inside, will host an Alive Inside event in the Forum Room from 10am to 4pm. Check the CAS website for updates on details.

Proceeds from all CAS9 Sunday walk-in ticket sales will be donated to the Alive Inside Foundation. Ticket price is $30 each ticket per attendee. Each ticket purchase comes with a Reference Recordings SACD, courtesy of Reference Recordings, while supplies last. We thank Marcia Martin of RR for the generous contribution.

Come! Bring a friend or two, for the good cause, good music and free Reference Recordings SACDs.

Photo: Evelina Pentcheva

Now, certified International Recording Artist Lyn Stanley will be presenting her latest Direct-To-Disc LP London With A Twist and the SACD version at this year’s CAS. She will demonstrate the LP and SACD in the Margules Audio’s Boardroom 4 on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss “A Conversation with Lyn Stanley” at 2pm on Sunday, July 28. Also inside Boardroom 4.

So, CAS9 Attendees, show your support of the Show by planning your purchases from the exhibiting companies and artists. Let’s show them why coming to the Bay Area is a good idea.

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of CAS. And we are reminded once again that we wouldn’t be here without the stern support of our exhibitors and attendees. We love you!
See you around.

Constantine Soo, producer
July, 2019

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