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CES 2013 Coverage

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Acoustic Zen Crescedo speakers, Triode TRX M845 mono blocks, Triode preamp:  the stage was well created with nice depth and reasonably good focus.  This system had plenty of power but was weighted toward the upper bass and lower midrange.  The sound was very good, if not the last word in detail.  I was able to hear the same pair of amps after the show with all NOS tubes including some very nice GE 211 output tubes, and the improvement in the sound was dramatic over the stock tubes.  At this point, I consider these amps to be an exceptional bargain.

Triode TRX M845 mono blocks, Triode preamp at CES 2013

Acoustic Zen Crescedo speakers at CES 2013

Zanden electronics, TAD, Gran Prix:  the Zanden system consisted of the Model 821 stereo amp (100 watts using KT120 output tubes), Model 3100 line stage, and Model 120 phono stage.  Very sweet and delicate.  This system did a superb job of reproducing the piano on the Liszt.  It was somewhat back in the mix and very sweet, but nicely balanced with the remainder of the instruments.  The sound may have been a touch soft.  Of the first three major contenders for best of show, namely  Scaena, Wilson Max 3 and Zanden, this was the best balanced.

TAD at CES 2013

Zanden electronics at CES 2013

Zanden electronics at CES 2013

Kondo electronics, turntable and speakers:  Biyura speakers which utilize field coil drivers and a tweeter with a silver diaphragm, Kagura 211-based mono blocks and GE-1 phono with their own turntable which was massive and appears to be extremely well thought out.  The sound was highly musical but a touch on the soft side.






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