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Chord introduces Mojo headphone amp/DAC

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Buffalo, NY – November 18, 2015 — Bluebird Music today announced immediate availability of the new Mojo portable headphone amp/DAC from Chord Electronics. With their world-renowned Hugo portable headphone amp/DAC, using Chord’s proprietary DAC technology, Chord has become the world’s preeminent DAC designer. Mojo builds on Hugo’s success by offering a unit that is smaller, lighter, easier to carry and easier to operate, and still offers the same great sound quality of the Hugo but for a fraction of the price! The Mojo is Chord’s newest portable headphone amp/DAC. Unlike its competitors, Mojo doesn’t use an ordinary off-the-shelf DAC chip. Mojo uses Chord’s own proprietary FPGA DAC. This means Mojo offers significantly higher resolution and a stunning sonic clarity that other products simply cannot match – even at twenty times the price!
Reference-quality mobile DAC and high-level headphone amplifier.


Its ultra-compact design is based on the Hugo platform, but Mojo uses the new Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA, making Mojo the most advanced DAC of its type on the planet!

Mojo is capable of driving any headphone between 4 ohms and 800 ohms and can drive two pairs of headphones simultaneously.

It works with any music file from 44.1kHz up to 768kHz and DoP DSD files: DSD 64; DSD 128 and DSD 256. Mojo can decode a wide range of formats: PCM; WAV; AAC; AIFF; MP3 and FLAC files, and Mojo is designed to work with all smartphones and music players.

Mojo is in stock at Bluebird Music now, and Mojos are available to the Press for review.
Retail price is $599 in USA, and $799 in Canada.
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It’s not just another DAC. It’s a Chord!
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