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Coincident Audio announces the release of two new amplifiers, the Turbo 845 SE and Dynamo 34 SE

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Coincident Audio announces the release of two new stereo amplifiers, the Turbo 845 SE (US$5499) and the Dynamo 34 SE (US$999).

The Turbo 845 SE is a response to the growing demand for state of the art integrated SET amplifiers. The Turbo 845 SE is designed to be top of its class, constructed in true dual mono, only sharing the chassis which the two channel components sit on. Created for those who do not want to compromise quality or performance but have limited space. The Turbo comes with a remote, massive power supply and 28W per channel means that it will power most sensibly designed speaker. With sonic goals of ultimate transparency, purity and a flat frequency response.

Turbo 845SE – On the same chassis as our current Dragon MK II amplifier( but slightly larger), this stereo integrated amplifier offers the following features:

Single ended 845 output- 28 watts per channel
Pure dual mono
All hard wired
6EM7 input per channel, 300B driver tube per channel
3 Inputs
Remote control
100 lbs.
Price:$5499 US

The Dynamo 34 SE is designed for audiophiles on a budget but whom still demand top sonic quality and build. A SET with 8W of power which should have no issues driving any speaker with a 90 db sensitivity or greater. Said to offer starting clarity and dynamics. Coincident states the Dynamo 34 SE has a build quality that rivals gear at double its price. With a focus on price, quality and musicality, the Dynamo it worth checking out.

Single ended EL34- 8 watts per channel
6SL7 input/ driver tubes per channel
5U4 rectifier
all hard wired
Stainless steel mirror finish
22 lbs.
Price:$999 US

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