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Combak’s Kazuo Kiuchi On Harmonix Reimyo

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At our first meeting at the 2004 Las Vegas CES, Mr. Kazuo Kiuchi of Combak Corporation and Mr. Nizar Akhrass of May Audio Marketing, Combak’s U.S. exclusive distributor, generously agreed to a DAGOGO world-premiere Review on the company’s $17k CAT-777 preamplifier and the matching, $27k PAT-777 300B stereo power amplifier.

Kazuo Kiuchi

At my insistent and tiring requests, Mr. Kiuchi graciously authored an exclusive article for DAGOGO’s readers, offering fascinating insights into his company and its products:

“Through the success of the HARMONIX acoustic tuning accessories division, many customers ask us to make electronics. They always say that if Combak makes electronics, they will be of such caliber that they should belong under the Harmonix name. In response to this strong wish from our customers, we decided to mark our entry into the marketplace with the DAP-777.

Before deciding on JVC’s 20bitK2 processor IC, I have listened to many D/A converters, exploiting the potentiality of IC processor from all makes. I found Japan Victor’s 20bitK2 processor to be the best among all others, so we made license contract.

After that, Harmonix’s specialty plays an important role in making the REIMYO 20bitK2 sounds so good. We know from the researches and studies done at Harmonix that many fine electronics with the most advanced of technologies do not sound as good as priced, including D/A converters. In other words, even the finest technology needs a complement of acoustic technology to make it perform its best.

Hence, I initiated a special Harmonix project called Fusion, in which three major companies, in this case Harmonix, JVC and Tokyo Denshi, with their best technologies, are brought together to achieve my goal. With JVC and Kyodo Denshi respectively providing the core technology and the design and assembly of the machine, Harmonix brings about the ‘Perfect Balance of Acoustic and Electronic Technologies.’

Harmonix considers the audio medium an art form, be it a CD or a record, as it stores the heart of the composer, player, singer and conductor. Once recorded onto a CD or record, their passion can be experienced even 100 years later, rendering the music forever alive. If, by listening to a system, you can experience that passion, feeling and heart of the composer, the system becomes a piece of art. Of course, the creation of such art is highly dependent on the person making it.

Likewise, in creating the DAP-777, the transformers, cables and many other components are custom designed, and it took 2 to 3 years for a pre-production model to satisfy our quality requirement. The work is done under my personal supervision.

As a result, regardless of price range, you can make comparisons and be assured that in addition to clarity, musicality and naturalness, the DAP-777 will sound very organic with perfect balancing of space — even when compared against new formats like SACD.

Harmonix is not a hardware manufacturer, as our Harmonix brand of products remain our central focus. We only intend to create the best product, so even though the Reimyo line are not cheap electronics, the level of finesse put into each of the products are not found in any other companies’ offerings. Granted that you can probably find a good looking or heavy-weighing electronics and speakers easily; but you will also notice the less meticulous engineering inside when compared to the Harmonix Reimyo products.”

The first Harmonix Reimyo Review to appear shortly will be the DAP-777 20bitK2 DAC Review.

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