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Dagogo Relaunched

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Dagogo was launched during Thanksgiving 2003, and we have grown steadily since then. To our readers and the companies that support us, we owe you our thanks.

In its almost 6 years of presence on the web, Dagogo has had progressive enhancements to its features and layout. Although the progression in enhancement had complimented the magazine’s growth steadily, I thought it was time for Dagogo to have a complete overhaul.

On July 3rd, the new Dagogo was launched on time for the July 4th Celebration. The redesign of Dagogo is so fundamental and extensive that previously adopted formatting practices, including that of manual URL authoring, have become obsolete. Consequently, except for the landing Front Cover page of, all Dagogo URLs must be renamed to fit into the new, advanced architecture so brilliantly (and expensively) executed by the web design team. To the readers who have bookmarked Dagogo’s Reviews and to the companies who have linked their websites to Dagogo’s Reviews, we thank you for your support, but I would also like to first extend my sincerest apologies for the temporary inconvenience and to assure Dagogo’s readers, as well as all the companies that so generously porvided us with review samples of a new Dagogo experience that is several times more rewarding than the old one, that the initial trouble of re-bookmarking your favorite Dagogo articles and relinking your website to the Dagogo Reviews is well worth it. Good news is, as of July 8th, we have completed the reformatting of all 2009 articles. The reintegration of all Dagogo Reviews is ongoing.

The new Dagogo now gives you the flexibility of signing up for an RSS Feed, which notifies you automatically of new article postings. In addition, while you are at the inside pages, you are now able to share your favorite Dagogo Review with your friends either via email, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and more. But this is only the beginning. We now offer all companies in the high-end audio industry the flexibility to post their latest press releases onto Dagogo. While all postings are still subject to editorial approval to ensure the readers of a worthy and pleasant reading experience, we aim at making Dagogo’s readers the most informed. If you will give us a chance, we will work hard to make your stay at Dagogo fun.

Dagogo also believes that the high-end audio industry cannot prosper without brick-and-mortar retailers. One of the fundamental reasons the high-end audio industry was able to grow in the 80s and 90s is the proliferation of retailers. Now, imagine a world where you can no longer look up a local retailer and audition electronics and speakers in person. The continuing demise of the dealership network diminishes the industry’s ability to recruit new customers of the upcoming generations; the very witnessing and living in today’s reality is already a heartbreaking and frightening one. Although the industry may eventually go through a cycle of rebirth, the dark road that we all will have to traverse before the renaissance is much too daunting to even fathom. We must try to prevent it, and now is the time to raise awareness of the invaluable importance of dealership networks and the key role they play in preserving the health of an industry.

In light of this, Dagogo would like to extend an invitation to all dealers to send a picture or two of your listening room to the editor ( Selected pictures will be used as Dagogo’s Front Cover in future Issues. The image must be at least 300kb in size and 970 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. Set your camera to at least 1MB when taking the shot, and make sure the shot is of the entire listening room and not a closeup of a rack. Consult a female staff on what fixtures to include and exclude, a woman’s touch usually helps. If it’s your wife, just tell her beforehand that the rearrangement won’t be permanent but just for the picture. For the very gracious dealers who supported Dagogo’s Front Cover campaign since earlier this year, we have archived the past Front Covers for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Once again, we at Dagogo thank everyone for your continuous support, and we promise to make Dagogo better for you.

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