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Davone twists their newest loudspeaker

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Værløse Denmark (April 18, 2018) – Today Davone launches the Twist.

Named after its uniquely twisted side panels, the Twist is an elegant High-End floor stander featured with Davone’s new high resolution (HR) cross-over and drivers. The baffle can be covered with any cloth of your liking and with the retail price starting at $4,450 per pair, the twist packs good value, unique looks and exceptional sound quality into one.

The Twist main features:
• 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley crossover for improved room response and tweeter high power performance
• 7” special fiber blend woofer & 1” anodised aluminium tweeter
• The Twist-Select can be fitted with custom cloth. Our pre selection is the Kvadrat Metric series.
• Twisted side panels for increased rigidity. 3 different wood pressing tools are used in the manufacturing of the side and front panels.

A pillar of perfect sound

“Including room response measurements into development is difficult, because it basically requires the perfect listening room to test the theory. Our room is not perfect, but for the HR cross-over development, we did rebuild our listening room by moving a wall and rearranged the acoustic absorbers. The effort paid off. Improving the room response led to a low and steep cross-over between the drivers, which in turn gives a very clear and open upper midrange, without ever becoming aggressive. To me this is one of the pillars of perfect sound and I am very pleased to introduce this with the Twist.” – Paul Schenkel

Audio with a Twist

“The initial goal was to replace and improve the earlier Riva model and the first concepts showed a clear resemblance. With a positive response from our sales contacts, I could have stopped there. But as always, I am simply not satisfied until I have found something new. While most brands design within a very narrow bandwidth, which I assume they do to not put off their existing customers, Davone customers would be disappointed to see that kind of repeat-design. I almost feel obligated to use this freedom, without resorting to over the top design. Some months later the Twist was born. A perfect example of audio with a Twist.” – Paul Schenkel

Match your own

“While working with the Twist prototype without the grille, I often noticed how well the Twist looked with those two drivers exposed. Usually I prefer hiding the drivers because I do not want Davone speakers to look technical, but the Twist was different. I thought, why not use furniture cloth on the baffle? This way we are not limited by the cloth having to be sound transparent, and we open up to the virtually unlimited choices in furniture cloth. You could match your own couch if you like.” – Paul Schenkel

Retail prices:
• Twist-Classic: $4,450.00 – per pair, real walnut wood veneer
• Twist-Select: $4950.00 – per pair, real walnut wood veneer
Customers can choose from the Kvadrat Metric range of fabrics, or send us their cloth of choice.

About Davone

Of rare quality and refinement, Davone has become synonymous for elegance and simple luxury. Drawn from the best of Danish traditions, Davone currently features 7 unique loudspeaker models, all evolved from the same philosophy.

With full production and development based in Denmark, a country renowned for its design and acoustics, Davone has produced loudspeakers since 2007. With their unique combination of sound and design, Davone is a pioneer in high end audio.

Davone is the brain-child of MSc Paul Schenkel, an aeronautical engineer with a masters degree in physics, a professional background in acoustics and a deep passion for mid century design and architecture. “We are continuously working on improving the sound quality, the design and the combination of these two. These famous words from Massimo Vignelli really resonated with me: “the life of a designer is a life of fight: a fight against the ugliness”. Sure, a tad dramatic. But still, Davone is my breath of fresh air in the monochromatic square reality of
today.” – Paul Schenkel

“Davone loudspeakers are all about sound quality. Many days are spend in the listening room to further refine the sound. “We can not let go until we have fully exhausted a new idea”……… Paul Schenkel

USA Contact information:

Nate Mansfield
Davone Audio USA
525 W 12th Street
Ogden, UT 84404
Tel 801.917.6047

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