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Dealership Event: Lavish Learning Session March 21, 2019

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MARCH 21 @ 5 – 7 PMHome Theater Audio and Video, A-Z
Planning a home theater, or simply hoping to get more out of what you already have?There are a lot of components with enough differences in technologies to be confusing to even the most informed users. Internet searches usually result in more questions than they answer.

What are Dolby, HDR, THX, IMAX, DTS, OLED, Quantum Dot, etc?

How big should the screen be, and how high on the wall? How many speakers do I really need? How can I get clearer dialogue and balanced sound? How can I build a great sounding system for movies AND music?

Stop scouring the Internet and come talk to a seasoned pro. We’ll be your sounding board for the evening — discussing best practices, explaining new technologies, offering expert tips, and answering your questions.

Lavish Learning Sessions are free, informal and fun, and are open to beginners and expert users alike.Regardless of your background, these sessions are designed to enhance your experience and increase your knowledge. Questions are always welcome.

Sessions are held the third Thursday of every month from 5-7PM and are presented by an award-winning industry veteran. Visit us on Facebook to view a complete schedule of upcoming events.


Hosted by Lavish at 1044 4th Street
in Santa Rosa

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