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deHavilland announces the Super40 tube monoblocks

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deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company, proudly announces the launch of the Super40 Monophonic Power Amplifier.

Fans of amplifiers using the Loktal base Sylvania 7N7/7AF7 drive tube rejoice!


Washington-based deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company has launched its latest incursion, the Super40 monoblocks, onto the high-performance, mid-priced vacuum tube amplification scene. Outputting 32 watts per channel on 6L6GC tubes or 40 watts on KT88, the Super40 weighs 34 pounds and runs on the low-feedback, push-pull topology.

Niceties of the Super40 includes the use of V-plate 5AW4 rectifier tube, vintage Brimar, Mullard or Amperex (Holland) 12AU7 tubes, carbon composition resistors, paper-in-oil signal capacitors, silver mica capacitors, and the aforementioned Loktal base Sylvania 7N7/7AF7! A built-in soft-start circuit protects the cathodes during power-on. Tube bias adjustment is via the onboard digital bias meter.

All letterings and markings on the amplifier are engraved in aluminum and then anodized via the in-house CNC milling machine.

Retail price is $5,800 the pair.



Monophonic power amplifier: 32 watts (6L6GC) or 40 watts (KT88) (either tube can be used.)
Hum and noise: 1 mV residual noise, approximately 90dB S/N ratio.
Power bandwidth: 20-50,000 Hz, +0 , -1dB . 4 or 8 ohms
Tube complement: (1x) 12AU7, (1x) 7N7, (1x) 5AW4, (2x) 6L6GC
Power Supply: Tube rectified with soft start delay circuit
Speaker Posts: Cardas pure copper
Bias: Adjustable for each power tube, onboard illuminated meter.
Dimensions: 15″ L x 8″ W x 9″ H
Shipping Wt.: 34 lbs.
Power consumption: 90 watts.

Price per pair: $5,800  plus shipping. All Super40s are hand built by deHavilland in-house, per order.


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One Response to deHavilland announces the Super40 tube monoblocks

  1. B Solheim says:

    So nice! Back to Basics. Since Nagra has lost its Marbles on Pricing, €29000 for The VPA monos! Moi never left Tubes so I got hold of Audio Power Labs Oil Cooled Class A Jewels that mark the Epitome of my Audio Life. Your Amps compete with McGeary Amps in Virginia !

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