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Dr. Vinyl joins Sound Lab in Lobby Gold Ballroom

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Dr. Vinyl will join Sound Lab Electrostats Japan in Lobby Gold Ballroom in a demonstration of the following system:
Pear Audio Blue Aras turntable w/ Cornet 3 arm – retail $15,000
Tru glider tonearm– retail $6,000
DS audio Master 3 Energizer – retail $17,975
CEC TL5 -retail $2,750
 Ideon Absolute Stream – retail $24,000
 Ideon Epsilon DAC – retail $87,000
 Ideon Absolute Time– retail $9,990
Albedo Metamorphosis Monocrystal  RCA – retail $8,500 1 meter pair
Albedo Metamorphosis MKll Monocrystal – retail $6,000
AGD The Audion MKlll GaNTube monoblocks- retail $8,000 each (basic finish)
JMF PRS 1.5 Preamplifier.  Retail $39,000
JMF PCD 102 Power Filter. Retail  $22,000

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Tickets and prizes:

CAS11 Tickets and Prize – Dagogo

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