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Sound Lab to show new narrower panels at CAS11 – Lobby Gold Ballroom

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Sound Lab Japanese Distributor Chris Stubbs of Sound Lab Electrostats Japan will be showing two new Sound Lab models in the Lobby Gold Ballroom. Electronics and cables to be provided by Dr. Vinyl.

Per Chris:

Models are (and note both are brand new): G7-3C (narrow model) & G8-5C (a slightly narrow version of what you might know as the standard 845 which has 7 cells).
Both are Majestic style trim.

OFFER IS: Should there be anyone just considering a purchase, I will reimburse anyone up to $2,000 for travel/lodging expenses if you would like to come and see/hear and purchase.

For the models showing, I will offer current pricing and reimburse against that. (current pricing is in effect until the start of show)

Price Increase:
Please note NEW prices will be announced at the show.If anyone wishes to make a new order, new pricing will apply and I will reimburse against the new price.

Submit your questions in the COMMENTS section below.

Tickets and prizes:

CAS11 Tickets and Prize – Dagogo

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