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Eden Acoustics: The Sound Of Art Series

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Montreal, Quebec, CANADA – Eden Acoustics is excited to announce the launch of the revolutionary AIR loudspeakers system, the first model in its Sound of Art series. With AIR, the box becomes a thing of the past and the sound is free to float above and around the drivers.

We believe AIR loudspeakers will revolutionize the way people look at open baffle speakers. With their striking appearance, AIR loudspeakers successfully combine visual ART and SOUND and will enrich any modern interior. Taking over 2 years to develop, AIR offers a new vision of the high-end loudspeaker. The concept evolved from open baffle principles towards a more open architecture called O.A.D. (Open Air Design). That means : No more box, not even a baffle in sight.

AIR is a fully active loudspeaker system that includes multi-channel digital crossovers (DSP), a DAC for each frequency band, and new generation Class-D amplifiers to power each driver. Audio enthusiasts can now concentrate on choosing the best source components to connect to AIR, which accepts analog or digital inputs.

Every AIR loudspeaker system is handcrafted in Canada from CNC-machined acrylics and american walnut solid wood. The system is comprised of the two AIR towers, one low frequency bass module and the amplifier/DSP control center cabinet. Pure silver (0.9999) wire is used on the inputs. The final result is a sound incredibly open and agile, with stunning midrange articulation, detailed high frequency range, and powerful deep bass, down to the 20’s. Closing your eyes, you’ll be immersed in a vast, holographic soundstage. A peerless experience!

AIR loudspeakers were officially launched this week at the Montreal Audiophile Association, and comments were extremely positive. “AIR loudspeakers are one of the five best loudspeaker systems we heard so far, and some of these cost over $100,000… The sound is completely free from the speakers, offering a boundless soundstage.”, says Serge Jobin  president of the association.

AIR loudspeakers are available today and will be sold through networks of distributors and specialized dealers. Media kits and complete specifications are available upon requests. Dealer and magazine enquiries are welcome.



EDEN ACOUSTICS is a Canadian audio cottage company, established near Montreal, Quebec. Our team has one single goal : offering cutting edge audio art, using eco-friendly parts, and top-class electronic components. Our designs have been thought to make a difference by breaking the rules and adopting artistic looks. Our engineers, designers, thinkers team-up everyday to improve your experience in home music listening. Our products do not sound good, nor bad, nor better, they sound like music, and it takes a special team to get there.

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One Response to Eden Acoustics: The Sound Of Art Series

  1. jake jacobs says:


    i am trying to find out EXACTLY what drivers you are using and if they are off the shelf or are they customized to your specifications?
    Also, how many digital and analog inputs do you have?
    I need to be able to drive a turntable and cd player…

    Finally, how do you brace the bass speaker to avoid resonances? Same for the monitors please…


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