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Everything But The Box releases BoXXeR HM 0.4 speaker

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BoXXeR HM 0.4 – a new approach to the excellence!

Please welcome the first loudspeaker of our new BoXXeR series: HM 0.4!

This is a small monitor with big sound as all our loudspeakers – making no compromise with quality. We applied a very different aesthetic approach and style for everybody who likes vintage design.

BoXXeR HM 0.4 has one goal: to be the leading loudspeaker in its class in terms of design, craftsmanship and sound. Nothing is left to chance. We carefully selected each part and material and spent many hours in the anechoic chamber to take the best of the loudspeakers and deliver it to you.

Both woofer and tweeter are top of the line products of Seas and Vifa. There is no need for additional explanation – the brands speak for themselves. The crossover is made using high end Mundorf components.

Front and back plate are CNC cut from 10 mm solid aluminum alloy sheet.  They are covered with invisible lacquer which protects the surface giving you a very natural feeling when you touch it.

The shell is made from 11 plies of Birch plywood. This is the most musical wooden product.

The shell is covered with the highest quality vegetable tanned full grain leather from Tuscany, Italy.

Why vegetable tanned? First, vegetable tanning is very environmentally friendly. No poisonous materials are used during the process. Second, the leather isn’t harmful for your health: all chemically tanned leathers evaporate poisonous substances during their life, while vegetable tanned leather does not. Third, vegetable tanned leather is thick, hard and stiff which is very good for the sound quality of your loudspeaker.

What is “Full Grain leather”?

There are many types of leather, but only one type which doesn’t wear, but ages.
This is the full grain leather. With time it will become more and more good-looking. It will never crack and the patina which it will obtain will give your loudspeaker an even more vintage look. The leather has some natural imperfections and marks which will give special character to your loudspeaker.

This is BoXXeR HM 0.4

Style, character and big sound in a small box.

–          4.5” Seas Excel magnesium cone woofer
–          25 mm Vifa silk dome tweeter with central waveguide, neodymium magnet
–          10 mm CNC machined solid aluminum front and back panels
–          Birch plywood shell
–          Full Grain vegetable tanned highest quality leather from Tuscany
–          Gold plated connectors
–          “Invisible” lacquer for natural feeling
–          70W RMS, 85 dB sensitivity
–          60 Hz – 40 kHz frequency range

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5 Responses to Everything But The Box releases BoXXeR HM 0.4 speaker

  1. Lex says:

    Is the price a secret?

  2. C.D.@AustinTejas says:

    How much “Doe Ray Me” to own these tiny works of art…? Must be mucho CA$H…

  3. Jan Anthonisz says:

    I’m impressed. Send me more information, price per pair and etc.

    Musically Yours.

    Jan Anthonis
    (Composer: 1941-2041)

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