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From the Editor’s desk: July 2006

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Error: In July’s Review of Roksan FR-5 loudspeaker system by Sandy Greene, in a paragraph which he stated, “I was not surprised as I really liked, not loved, the Roksan Caspian CD player with Rogue amplification”, it should’ve read:

“I was not surprised as I really liked — no — loved, the Roksan Caspian CD player with Rogue amplification.” Our apologies to Roksan and the readers.

The 3rd Quarter of 2006 is here, and following our reviews of a complete audio system (mini-Song Audio), solid-state amplification system (Sphinx), and an SET (Shindo) in our June Issue, not to mention the two reviews on high-grade, high-efficiency speaker systems (MaxxHorn, Teresonic), Dagogo is pleased to present our top-of-the-month July Issue with reviews on two products from Great Britain: a pair of sub-$4k, high-performance loudspeaker system from Roksan, and a sub-$3k integrated amplifier from Sugden.

Chris Redmond, our British reviewer, was given a tour around the Sugden headquarters during the horse-racing season. Not only did he have a good time enjoying the hospitality of the British company, the owner walked him to the car carrying an A21SE, for him to bring home and write about. So, my question is: did he attend the national sports of horse-racing at all?

Roksan has been known some time ago for its CD transport and DAC, for it was one of the first British companies to present such product offerings. This time, after sharing his thoughts on the company’s Caspian M-Series 1 CD player in November 2006, Sandy Greene will tackle the company’s current loudspeaker offering: the Roksan FR-5.

We also have Constantine Soo’s review on Luminance Audio’s $3k amplifier, the KST-150. Steve Keiser, LA’s design engineer, was the brain behind the classic B&K Components ST-140 power amplifier of the 80’s. We have published Steve’s “From B&K ST-140 to the Luminance Audio KST-150” in our May Issue, which provides a very rare and insider perspective into the industry. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. In addition, per Dagogo’s unceasing request, Steve will be authoring a series of investigative articles on his next design project: the Luminance Audio preamplifier.

Readers following Gordon Pryor’s investigative series of articles of “Art! The Perspective in Creative Process” will be delighted to read about his fifth incursion into the mind of artists: this time, a painter.

In addition to the above, Dagogo also has two reviews on CD players from Germany and Italy: Accustic Arts and Audia Flight. The $7k mark has always been a focal point for many companies to showcase their engineering ingenuity in manufacturing good CD player, and this market segment has just gotten hotter this month with Constantine Soo’s take on the $7,700 Accustic Arts CD Player I Mk2, and Jack Robert’s opinion of the $6,950 Audia Flight CD One.

Both are top-loaders and each is tastefully presented in classy and unique designs. Both are of European origin and yet one is replete with Italian artistry in its mechanized top-loader, while the other represents the very personification of the German elegance in its manually-operated, blue-lit glass cover.

Audia Flight’s idea of creating a CD player of their own began to take shape with the introduction of the SACD and DVD-A high-resolution formats. To AF, these formats’ advantages in frequency response linearity and transient speed coincided with the company’s drive for creating the fastest amplification design, which would culminate in the birth of the Flight 100 amplifier later on.

Though a conventionally rectangular-shaped machine, the Audia Flight CD One is endowed with orderly lines and functionality arrangements, giving it the same timeless beauty as found in the PRE preamplifier and 100 power amplifier.

The Accustic Arts, on the other hand, is the forerunner in the fusion of artistic and technological advancements. For Accustic Arts’ very rare, dual background of in-house music and equipment production makes it one of the most privileged and gifted companies in the industry, able to convey their first-hand experience in the recording sector directly through the end-user expectations.

Two CD players, both at the same price category and both with stunning looks to boast. Read about their sound.

Finally, throughout July, Dagogo will also begin posting its coverage of HE2006 and VTV Expo 2006. So, check back often and don’t miss the excitement and the unique experience of Dagogo.

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