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From the Industry: Winter Holiday Message 2010

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To all of my friends and colleagues:

I’d like to wish you a warm and happy holiday season and take this moment to thank you for your friendship.

Ours is a small industry, comprised of people who are motivated by a passion for music. We’re an unreasonable bunch with extremely high expectations chasing the dream of an every increasing intimacy with music. And while we have all been enduring the effects of a depressed global economy and, in many cases, a marked decrease in business activity – we’re also showing that unreasonably idealistic facet of our character and not giving up, not giving in, not letting go of the passion that drives our industry. When you love what you do, the hard times are a little easier to bear.

I’ll also add this: when you have great friends and colleagues, difficulties seem less severe and hope becomes the lingua-franca of the tribe. At least it has been that way for me, thanks to my being blessed with wonderful friends and colleagues. So this season I wanted to send you this little note, sincerely thank you for your friendship, and share my hope for all of us that we – as an industry, as a tribe – are turning a corner to face brighter days ahead.

With warmest wishes for a beautiful holiday season,

Chris Sommovigo

The Signal Collection, LLC

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