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Genesis Advanced Technologies Launches Latest Line-Source Loudspeaker, the Genesis 2.3

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Seattle, WA – Nothing has much has changed in theoretical acoustics since ‘The Theory of Sound’ by mathematician and physicist Lord John William Strutt, Baron Rayleigh was published in 1877. There are still only two proper ways for a transducer to propagate sound in a room: a point-source and a line-source. Anything else, or everything in between, is a compromise.

In order for all frequencies of sound from the loudspeaker to reach the listener at exactly the same time, a coherent wave front is important – not just “time-alignment” of drivers. The ideal is either an infinitely small pulsating point or a pulsating line with a size on the order of the room dimension.

The Genesis 2 is the result of nearly 25 years of development of the line-source loudspeaker by Genesis Advanced Technologies. It embodies the belief of Genesis Chief Designer and CEO Mr. Gary Leonard Koh that with current technology, the line-source is the closest we can get to an ideal loudspeaker. “A four-foot line-source would perform much better than a 1-inch point-source delivering all the frequencies important to the reproduction of music,” said Mr. Koh. “The G2.3 is as close to the perfect transducer as we can make given the constraints of room size and budget.”

The huge advantage a line-source loudspeaker has over a point-source loudspeaker is that there is no vertical dispersion of the sound-wave. This carries several advantages: First, the spectral content of the waveform is consistent throughout the length of the line-source. With a line-source loudspeaker, seating height does not matter. There is no need to sit with the ears of the listener aligned to the height of the point-source or to aim the speaker at the head of the listener.

The second benefit of the line-source loudspeaker is that the attenuation of sound pressure level is -3dB with a doubling of distance instead of -6dB with a point-source. Hence, the change in loudness level is much less over small changes in distance. This results in a much larger area within which the speaker can be enjoyed, and hence can be enjoyed by a much larger audience. In a large room, this also results in much more dynamic sound with an equivalent amplifier.

“The Genesis 2.3 is the ultimate living room party loudspeaker,” said Mr. Koh. “It sounds as good standing up as when sitting down, and is not too loud up close or too soft much further away. You could be almost anywhere in the room or even hanging out just outside the door and enjoy the music.”

A further advantage of the line-source for the audiophile is that the lack of vertical dispersion means that there are no deleterious reflections from the floor or ceiling which may result in indistinct imaging. As the G2.3 is also a dipole – which reduces side-wall reflections – it creates rock-solid images and a “you-are-there” soundstage.

The current Genesis Series-2 loudspeaker has been improved over the previous generation launched nearly 8 years ago primarily in the area of lowering coloration in order to hear through to the music.

The new Genesis Ring Radiator Ribbon Tweeter (R3T) has lower distortion and wider dispersion up to 40kHz. The structure of the 48-inch ribbon midrange unit has also been strengthened and improved to further reduce distortion. As most rooms are acoustically asymmetric, separate left and right Servo-Controlled bass Amplifiers (SCAmps) are provided – with two channels per woofer tower. Improved power supplies from the development of the Genesis Reference Amplifier Series II have been incorporated in the SCAmp resulting in more impactful bass.

Structurally, the constraint-layer-damped composite sandwich that was designed during the development of the G-Force loudspeaker now reduces resonance in the cabinets. This improves the “launch blackness” of the mid/high frequencies making music sound like it is coming from a quieter background.

“There is already quite an improvement when you go from a conventional cone/dynamic loudspeaker to a ribbon or planar-magnetic,” said Mr. Koh. “But it can be really shocking when you go from a conventional loudspeaker to a ribbon line-source. The sense of ease is incredible when you have so much dynamic headroom. The effortlessness of musical peaks, huge dynamic contrasts and the ability to resolve the tiniest musical details – that’s what gives many listeners a sense of euphoria. It makes listening to music a visceral experience.”

The Genesis 2.3 loudspeaker system comprises a pair of midrange/tweeter “wings”, a pair of woofer towers, a pair of Servo-Controlled bass Amplifiers, and connecting cables and accessories. It is custom built in “any” finish including carbon-fiber, rosewood and high-gloss black. Price on Application.

Originally founded in 1991, the technology legacy of Genesis goes back to the Infinity Servo-Statik One[1] launched in 1968. In 2002, Mr. Koh purchased the brand, assets and technology and in 2006 took over as Chief Designer and CEO. Since then, Genesis Advanced Technologies have built on the legacy improving the original designs and developing new ones, and improved upon the engineering and build quality of Genesis loudspeakers. Genesis now has a full range of ‘Absolute Fidelity’ products from electronics to loudspeakers.

About Genesis Advanced Technologies

Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end, luxury and reference loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and accessories with a commitment to absolute fidelity® in product, performance, and service. The hallmarks of the “Genesis sound” are a top-to-bottom harmonic and rhythmic coherence, and believable “you-are-there” imaging and soundstage.

With a 40-year technology legacy, Genesis loudspeakers are often referred to as the “world’s best” when it comes to high-frequency clarity and bass extension. Going beyond high fidelity to absolute fidelity, Genesis loudspeaker systems deliver a frequency range from 18Hz to 40kHz using ribbon tweeters and proprietary solid metal-cone servo-controlled powered woofers.

For more information please contact: Genesis Advanced Technologies • 654 S Lucile St • Seattle, WA 98108 • voice: 206-762-8383 •

Genesis G2.3

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