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The First Device to Match Your Lifestyle to Your Favorite Music and Videos, the Control4 Media
Controller Let’s You Live the Life You Love – and Love Your Home Entertainment Solution

CEDIA Expo, Indianapolis, IN [embargoed until Sept 8]― GracenoteTM, the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media, today announced that it will provide cutting-edge music and video management services for the Control4 Media Controller.

Imagine you’re having a dinner party and want just the right mingling music, perhaps a combination of cool jazz with some bachelor pad tunes or a little Nancy Sinatra. Acting like your own personal DJ, at a touch of a button the system will create hours of customized playlists using your favorite music – depending on what you’re in the mood to hear, tee-up footage of last year’s party, and complete the ambiance by turning on the air conditioner and adjusting the lights. This is a world made possible by the new Contol4 Media Controller with media management services by the Gracenote Music Management System and Gracenote VideoIDSM.

The Control4 Media Controller offers state-of-the-art technology from the Gracenote Music Management System and Gracenote VideoIDSM, enabling users to combine their music and video libraries with the ability to store and move media files on the system’s hard disk drive for easy access and viewing anywhere in the house.

“If you want to win over consumers and installers alike – you’ve got to keep things simple and deliver exceptional value,” stated Craig Palmer, president and CEO of Gracenote. “Control4 has launched a breakthrough for music and video lovers that ties in everything – from automatic playlists that mine your entire collection to find exactly the right songs, or search your movie collection based on a specific genre while lighting a fire in the fireplace; if you wanted a similar solution you’d have to hire a DJ and a butler.”

“Using Gracenote’s technology we’re providing an experience of digital entertainment that people can’t yet get on a PC or a portable device: People will be amazed at how fun digital music can be for the whole family” stated Jim Gist, Director of Marketing for Control4.

Using Gracenote’s technology, the Control4 Media Controller provides quick, intuitive access to a person’s entire music collection, making it easy to find the exact song or type of music a person wants to hear in seconds –even for the largest music collections. Similarly, Gracenote’s VideoID provides new choices for video: For example, you can quickly find any movie in your collection, begin a movie in one room, and finish it in another – with the ability to quickly sort and access your favorite artist, director, genre, related content, sound tracks and more. The Control4 Media Controller offers automatic identification, classification and editing of music files – creating one cohesive, indexed library.

The Control4 Media Controller manages every facet of the home entertainment experience, including management of all music and media for multiple zones– as well as seamless control of third-party devices, such as home theater, lighting, temperature, and security, simultaneously throughout the home, using wired or wireless technology. The user interface allows for direct selection of all stored media via the front panel LCD display, on-screen (TV) GUI, or the bi-directional (included) handheld remote; enabling people to access the system from anywhere in the house. †

Gracenote PlaylistSM: Designed to provide flexibility to CE manufacturers, Gracenote Playlist can be adapted according to the needs of different audio environments, including home, car and portable.

Once files have been recognized, cleaned and reformatted into a comprehensive media library using the Gracenote Music Management System, they can be used to create playlists. Offering a variety of descriptors, including over a thousand genre categories and global popularity ratings, Gracenote Playlist provides exciting new ways for people to tap into their music collections, rediscover old favorites and new – or simply kick-back and enjoy hours of custom-built mixes. More information about Gracenote Playlist and the Gracenote Music Management System is available at:

About Gracenote

GracenoteTM is the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, with offices in Tokyo and Berlin† and reseller agreements in Seoul and Paris, Gracenote provides a suite of integrated software and services that enable consumer electronics manufacturers and software developers to provide the best in digital entertainment. Globally, over 30 million users each month rely on Gracenote to provide an enhanced music listening experience.

Gracenote’s information services are used by leading consumer electronics manufacturers including† Alpine, Clarion, D&M Holdings, Digion, Fujitsu Ten, JVC, Gibson Audio, Kenwood, Matsushita, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, RCA, Rockford Fosgate, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Yamaha; as well as leading media players including AOL’s Winamp, Apple’s iTunes and RealNetworks’ RealPlayer. For more information about Gracenote:

About Control4

Control4 makes home automation an attractive, practical, and useful option for any home by combining innovative new technology, a team of experienced industry experts, and a unique approach that focuses on simplicity.

For more than a decade, members of the Control4 team have been working to make complex and sometimes intimidating technology easier to control and use. Past successes have included innovative residential control solutions and the development of the popular broadband system that makes it easy for travelers to access fast Internet connections from thousands of hotel rooms around the world. Now, this experienced team is focusing its expertise in automation and networking on a new breed of home automation solutions that are affordable, non-invasive, easy to install in either new or existing homes, and designed to adapt flawlessly to any lifestyle. Control4 is a privately held company with headquarters near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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