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Grand Cru Audio “Essentiel” Reference Monitor – in Walnut – NOW Available!

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Grand Cru Audio “Essentiel” Reference Monitor

The Grand Cru Audio “Essentiel” Reference Monitor delivers true accuracy thru superior drivers and a far more advanced crossover that resolves phase & timing simultaneously thru custom software. Custom precise crossover component values (not off the shelf values) further ensure a perfect presentation.

Voices sound like voices, cellos sound like cellos…not thin, skeleton presentations ala $25k “magical” monitors or syrupy colored designs!

Accurate. Musical. Emotional. Amazing!


Design Overview

Low distortion of time and phase obtained by a time constant group delay for frequencies common to each speaker

Perfect superposition of phases in the band 1500 Hz to 6 kHz (focus of the soundstage, dynamics and atmosphere) & total absence hardness.


Behavior of the loudspeaker radiating more fluidity and release of the soundstage
•Ultra-high performance drivers
•Non-resonant cabinet – reinforced in all 3-axis
•Extraordinary crossover to insure perfect phase & time coherence
•Crossover potted in resin and decoupled from cabinet
•Stable impedance load
•Stable electrical phase (the amplifier sees an easy load to drive)
•Phase power close to 0 ° (300 Hz to 10 kHz)


  • Sensitivity: 90db
  • Bandwidth: 45 ~ 30Khz
  • Impedance: 4Ω (Stable & easy to drive)
  • Dimensions: 290 – 200 – 325 mm (HWD)


Our highly innovative technology insures full respect of the phase on all mid-high frequencies to provide the ultimate clarity and resolution as well as natural and unparalleled consistency.

The electrical phase has the advantage of simplicity – extremely important to insure an easy load vis-à-vis the amplifier driving it.

The Grand Cru Audio “Essentiel” does not require high power or high current capability – simply choose an amplifier based on sound quality.

Technical Highlights
•Advanced 21-element crossover using the highest quality elements
•Crossover designed to eliminate all phase distortion
•Crossover technology with constant Phase and Time for precise soundstage imaging & pure sound
•Internal wiring cables made with “Absolute Creation.”
•Crossover cast in a block of resin, fixed to a plate blockdecoupled from the enclosure
•The crossover plate is attached to the rear of the enclosure

•Ribbon tweeter (custom modified) for ultra-high performnce
•Custom paper/wood 7” mid-bass
•Mid-woofer with neodymium magnet and aluminum frame with ultra slim frame and shaped to avoid any turbulence
•Secured tightly with internal metal T-nuts

Grand Cru Audio “Essentiel” Reference Monitor

Grand Cru Audio “Essentiel” Reference Monitor

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