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Grimm Audio LS1 Remote Software Update

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Grimm Audio announces a major update of the PC & Mac control software for their acclaimed LS1 playback system. The update focuses on improving the user experience, but also adds new functionality. An equalizer with user presets is added, that offers delicate adjustment of the LS1 response to taste. Its low frequency EQ can be set separately for left and right, so both speakers can be tuned individually to their acoustical environments. With the new user interface and the EQ, an LS1 playback system becomes even more easy to setup in a living room or studio. To complement the new LS1 Remote software, the LS1 manual was completely rewritten. Already praised as one of the best audio product manuals around, it now is an even better read. For more information, please visit

Attached you find two screenshots of the new software.



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