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High Fidelity Cables New CT-1 Speaker Cables

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High Fidelity Cables is now in production for their new CT-1 Speaker Cables. Utilizing the same ‘Magnetic Conduction’ technology found in their CT-1 interconnects.

The CT-1 connectors are custom designed and built from the ground up.  They house a unique circuit and magnetic conductors.

For more information on the CT-1 cable read  Jack Roberts’  reviews on the CT-1 and CT-1E cables.

The connectors are a custom ground up design that houses the unique circuit.

Both spade and banana configurations are available.

Prices are $2400 for 1m and each additional 0.5m is $400.

High Fidelity Cables recently has been granted U.S. Patent No. 8,272,876.

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