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High Resolution Technologies Announces the microSTREAMER DAC

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High Resolution Technologies Announces the microSTREAMER DAC

High Resolution Technologies is introducing a little DAC dubbed microSTREAMER that fits in the palm of your hand. The diminutive device features:

  • Asynchronous Mode Operation
  • USB powered
  • 24-bit operation
  • plug-and-play via standard audio class 1.0 Drivers
  • supports 32k, 44k, 48k, 88k, & 96k sample rates
  • line level 1/8th inch stereo output
  • 1/8th inch variable headphone jack output
  • digitally activated analog volume control of headphone output
  • endplate LED lights for sample rate identification
  • Upstream Utility for fast firmware upgrades
  • designed and manufactured in Southern California

Aimed at users of computer, tablet or smart phone who want better sound, the microSTREAMER “takes over the job of processing and decoding the music from your computer, tablet or phone, so you end up with sound as it was meant to be heard — clean, clear, loud and present. It can also be used for music, movies or games. MSRP: $189.95


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One Response to High Resolution Technologies Announces the microSTREAMER DAC

  1. Adam says:

    Wow – that is tiny.

    Does it work off the iPhone? I guess the iPhone would have to power it? Wonder how long battery would last playing high def music and powering a DAC?

    I’d be interested in hearing it. Pair with a good set of Shure or other earbuds, the size is right, tiny, and it might be a real win.

    …. Just looked more into it. Appears to have USB B and nothing on the page about iPhone compatible. 🙁 Well maybe they’ll make an iMicroSTREAMER.

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