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High Resolution Technologies Announces the Music Streamer HD Portable DAC

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High Resolution Technologies Music Streamer HD Portable DAC

High Resolution Technologies, maker of a series of USB powered, portable DACs, is introducing its technology this time in a top flight design named Music Streamer HD, which is claimed to approach near theoretical limits for resolution “that will astonish even the most demanding listener.”


  • Asynchronous Mode Operation
  • USB powered
  • 24-bit operation
  • plug and play using selectable audio class 1.0 or 2.0 operation
  • supports 44k, 48k, 88k, 96k, 176k and 192k sample rates
  • fully balanced (differential) internal signal path
  • XLR and RCA outputs
  • end plate LED indicates sample rate and bit depth
  • galvanic isolation of digital and analog stages
  • Upstream Utility for fast firmware upgrades
  • designed and manufactured in Southern California

The company touts the Music Streamer HD as providing “a level of performance that is almost unsurpassed at any price point. With its high performance asynchronous USB transceiver, differential current mode conversion, and a fully differential signal path (balanced), the Music Streamer HD provides the perfect topology for ultra high resolution digital to analog conversion.”

The Music Streamer HD serves the main audio system and “shines brightest when paired with the most high fidelity playback systems and when the ultimate in musical fidelity is a priority. This product is really for the ultra audiophile consumer.” MSRP: $449.95

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